A little trip to the Zoo

Hi lovelies, how was your weekend?
After we got buckets of water dumped on us last week here in Northern California, Saturday was beautiful. Chilly, but beautiful and sunny.
We decided spontaneously to pay a visit to the Sacramento Zoo.


To be honest, I only wanted to go there for one sole reason: the Giraffe Encounter.
Yes, you can go and have an encounter with the giraffes, which means you can get really close and you get to feed them.

This is, if the giraffes are in a good mood (which means, hungry) and cooperate. Unfortunately, on Saturday they did not. They were too busy regurgitating their previously swallowed food, or something. Bummer!

They were still beautiful to look at, though.



Then there was this really funny Orangutan who kept hiding under a huge piece of packing paper. We were debating if he was using it as a sun-shield or a people-shield.

Hiding Orangutan

The flamingos were beautiful, colorful highlights at the lake in the center of the zoo. I think they’re really fascinating creatures.


It was a beautiful day all around.

Sunday I spent at home doing the usual Skype calls with my family (as always on Sunday mornings) and working on some blog posts, some crafts and the Indie Biz Portfolio, because Indie Biz 3.0 officially starts tomorrow. Weeeee!

Did you do something fun this weekend?

  1. Looks like you had a nice weekend. I really love the color of the flamingos

  2. Beautiful pictures! Aren’t giraffes the most awesome animals ever?

  3. Great photos, I wish our zoo had giraffes!!

  4. This makes me want to go to the zoo too! :) Giraffes are adorable and so beautiful. I’m glad you had a great time at the zoo.

    Also, tell us all about the Indie Biz course. It sounds like to much fun! Hey, and you get to be a student again. ;)

  5. I love going to the zoo :D I’m already behind in Indie Biz, since I was away all weekend. The story of my life, lol.

  6. Oh, I love going to the zoo! Love giraffes!
    What a fun idea! Hugs xxx

  7. Giraffes are such beautiful animals. And their tongues are so powerful!

  8. Oh my gosh. You make me totally want to go to the zoo now! I’ve only been to the San Diego zoo once, but I love it. It’s so fun! I’m always fascinated by the animals that freak me out the most, like those giant snakes or sharks or crocodiles *shudder*. I like observing them through a barrier where it feels more safe, but I think I’d die if I encountered them in real life! And yeah I think we got your storms, though it only lasted Saturday. And it hailed!! It was crazy…then Sunday was completely clear and sunny. So bizarre. And I’m so jealous that you’re taking the Indie Biz class!! Ahhhh! I really wanted to take it, but there was so much going on…I wonder if it’s too late??? Hmmmm…I’m going to look into this :D

  9. I typically don’t love zoos because even though the animals are beautiful, I feel terribly for them, confined to small spaces in shockingly foreign habitats… but sometimes I cave in because, um, the animals are beautiful. I LOVE GIRAFFES.

  10. the orangutan is hilarious! I am for the people shield btw. Love you!

  11. Ah, fun! It’s been too long since I last visited a zoo!

  12. I haven’t been to the zoo in forever. I can’t wait for the weather to improve … I’ll use the kid as an excuse to get out to enjoy the animals!!

  13. Looks so fun! :]

    And I’m pretty excited for Indie Biz to start up too :]

  14. Once upon a time, at the Columbus, Ohio, Zoo, I ambled down towards the giraffes only to find them, umm, intimately involved. I cannot imagine a more ungangly & awkward pair than these two were. It’s really one thing to see it on NatGeo, and quite another thing to see it in person! Until then, I thought the pair of horses we’d bred were the scariest & most awkward, but giraffes but horses to shame.
    I feel immensely sorry for the “little” baby giraffes when they’re born – such a long drop!
    Lovely photos – thanks for sharing! Flamingos are amazing looking!
    Oh, and it’s giving me a message that your version of CommentLuv is no longer supported & you need to update your plug-in. I’m on my cell, don’t know if that makes a difference.

  15. Great photos! I still need to make it out to the Chicago zoo, this was a good reminder ;)

  16. seriously, i adore the zoo. it always makes me so happy. love the pictures!

  17. Oh, I love the zoo! We have one so close to us, but I haven’t been since I was a kid. I totally need to make a visit!

  18. Looks like fun even though you didn’t get to feed them! It’s been years since I’ve gone to the zoo….thanks to you, I think I’ll make plans to go to the zoo soon before it gets too hot.

  19. The flamingos are beautiful.

    I found you through Indie Biz – I hope we can become blog buddies :)

  20. Aw so pretty! Last time I went to the Sacramento Zoo it was a mess haha Makes me want to go to the zoo..know of any in Germany?

    I owe you an e-mail still!

  21. Our little local zoo has a giraffe encounter like that, or so I’ve heard, and I’ve been wanting to go for a while now. I’ve seen pictures of friends feeding the giraffes and it just looks so silly with their giant tongues flopping all over the place.

  22. I love going to the zoo on a nice sunny day! I’m envious that you’re able to go year round! Zebras are one of my favorite animals to see there. They manage to be adorable even though they’re as tall as a house.

  23. I am woefully behind on reading blogs and I’m catching up first with yours. I had to stop reading (backwards! ARGH need a ned blog reader) and comment that I LOVE giraffes and we cannot have them in zoos here. My daughters theme animal that we assigned her is giraffes because I was way too excited to see them in the San Diego zoo when I was pregnant. In fact, it was practically the only time I wasn’t sick when I was there.

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