Six confessions


Recently Leigh-Ann & Kyla posted their six confessions, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. Here are my six


  1. I’ve never had a pet in my life. Well, that is if you don’t count the two budgies that my sister and I got for our 6th birthday and which we had for a total of 4 weeks, before my parents got rid off them (as in, gave away to someone).

  3. I eat my twix from the top to the bottom, meaning that I eat the chocolate and caramel first and then eat the cookie bar. I love the cookie bar!

  5. I eat my fries with mayonnaise, or better yet, a mix of mayonnaise with curry ketchup (Hela ketchup, imported from Germany. I am not aware of any curry ketchup that is available in the US). If I have fries at a restaurant, I’ll always order a side of mayonnaise. J does, too, by now.

  7. I need a blanket when I sleep, even if it’s only a simple sheet in the summer. I can’t really sleep when I don’t have a blanket covering me from my knees up to my shoulders.

  9. One of my friends, I have known since Kindergarten. It’s so awesome that I have a friend that I have pretty  much known my whole life!

  11. If I could pull it off, I’d still wear Dr. Martens and Bundeswehr-pants on a daily basis.

Your turn! :)

  1. haha Ooh the mayo on the french fries. I have come to discover that is not unusual over here :) I have never tried it…perhaps I should lol The curry ketchup sounds interesting. I will have to look for it!

  2. We like our fries as salty as possible. It’s become a tradition to always add at least two salt packages. Hello, sodium overload! :)

  3. I’ve started making my own fries. I set the oven to 450 degrees, wash, slice 2 large baking potatoes into 8ths. Place in bowl, toss with olive oil. Toss with sea salt and place on PAM sprayed cookie sheet. Roast for 15 minutes on one side, turnover, roast for 15 minutes on another side and once they’re evenly browned serve! YUM!

  4. What is a budgie? And I still wish I could wear Converse daily!

  5. Whoaaaaa! I do #2 as well. Thought I was the only one! I’ve had one person think I was a total weirdo for eating it like that, but it’s so much better that way.

  6. I always order a side of mayo as well! And I love Hela ketchup! I would still wear Docs as well, if I could!
    Have a fab weekend! xxx

  7. I’m intrigued by this fries in mayo bit. Because I do like both!

    A confession of my own: I enjoy drinking Crystal Light and club soda out of wine glasses every so often (since I don’t actually drink wine).

  8. Haha – I need a blanket as well and I love to eat my Twix the same way!
    Just FYI – I found “Tempos” in a 99cent store!

  9. Hey, I can say “me too” to all except #1

    Love mayo on my fries, mayo mixed with ketchup is even better, and we always have Hela Curry- or Gewürzketchup at home (it’s a must to put on my hubbys famous homemade bratkartoffeln). What I used to do as a teen (weird but I actually found other people who did it too) was dip my McD fries into their ice cream sundae – yummy

    You made me think about where I have my old Martens (my mom brought me some when she was in London once – I had the ones with flowers on them) maybe they are still somewhere in my parents basement, I also had bright red converse (also need to think about where they are). I’d love to wear them again.

    Still am in contact with a friend from kindergarten, I have known her for 28 years now (wow, never realised it’s been that long)

    I need a blanket to at least cover my legs even in summer

  10. two, three and four!! me too!

    I hate ketchup but I love mayo. Sometimes I like to use horseradish sauce too.

  11. Ha…I’ve never heard of someone eating a Twix that way! It sounds delicious, though!

    Oh, and I’m the same way with blankets. I always have one on me!

  12. I am totally with you on #2, I nibble the chocolate round the sides, then rip of the caramel, and then eat the biscuit. Yum.
    But you lost me at #3 haha. All of my housemates love mayonnaise but I think eating it with chips is just weird. I’m a ketchup girl all the way.

  13. Always need a blanket too.

  14. I love fries with mayonnaise! And Hela Gewürzketchup is the best! :-)

  15. I always have a blanket as well. Even at work!

  16. I MISS curry ketchup! I loved it while I was in Germany! It was like the perfect combination of things I love!

  17. The only pet I have ever had was a guinea pig when I was a teenager. I would love to have a cat but I am not sure if it makes sense to get one while I am living by myself (i.e. cat would be alone all day and what would I do when I go on vacation).

  18. I liked this post, it’s a nice way to know a little more about you. Thank you for sharing :)

  19. I’m the same exact way with #4. I HAVE to sleep with a blanket even if it’s 100 degrees in the room. :) Oh and I miss wearing Doc Martens shoes… I had 10 pairs back in high school.

  20. I eat candy like that too – kit kats especially. I eat the chocolate off then eat the insides. I’m glad I’m not the only one who eats things like that :)

  21. i’m gonna jump on the blanket bandwagon. in the summer it’s usually just a sheet but i have to (!) have something to cover me. also, i totally think you should go for it and get yourself soem doc martens. who says you can’t pull it off?

  22. These are great confessions. I have to eat my sweet potato fried with a mix of fresh minced garlic and mayo and I also need a blanket to sleep with no matter how hot I am.

    One of my most cherished friendships is actually with a girl I am friends with when our dads were in high school long before they even met our moms. Our moms are now best friends.

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