On laughing ’til your belly hurts

Jeff Dunham and Walter

Last Thursday, J and I had tickets for Jeff Dunham’s show “Identity crisis”. I think I never actually told you about the two great Christmas present ideas I had for J last year – 1) was a Roku player (Internet streaming box for the TV – yeah, yeah, we still don’t own a PS3 or Wii, shut up!) and 2) were the tickets to see Jeff Dunham.

We already had the chance to see him once in 2009 and the show again was absolutely amazing. I was really lucky to be able to purchase tickets early through a pre-sale (due to my account with Ticketmaster) and got floor tickets again, 14 rows from the stage.

Unfortunately photo and videotaping were completely prohibited this time (although I saw a lot of people snapping photos with their cell phones) and I didn’t want to make anybody mad, so I can only share an old photo from 2009 with you – but hey, the guy and the puppet looked pretty much the same.

I don’t know if you’re a fan of ventriloquism. I understand it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but I just love the way Jeff Dunham interacts with his puppets and how they really come alive through him. I also kind of love how politically incorrect all his puppets are – comedy is the only true form of free speech, I believe!
(I’d like to add that I am usually not easily offended by controversial issues when they’re brought up in a comedic context and I don’t really understand people who are). I haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time.
It’s this belly-aching, cheek-hurting, breath-taking laughter that leaves you completely exhausted, but thoroughly amused! Seriously, my belly muscles were so, so sore the next day!

Has any of you guys seen him (or any other great comedians) live lately?

  1. So jealous! I am not usually a fan of ventriloquism but maybe I would be if everyone was as good as him. :)

    The last comedian I saw live was Gabriel Iglesias (the fluffy guy ) in southern CA. He has been my favorite comedian ever since. So funny and super nice. He didn’t leave until after everyone had left and took pictures and talked with everyone. I want to see Kathy Griffin live but most people I know find her too offensive. She has no filter but that is the best part so I agree on comedy being the only true form of free speech :)

  2. I’ve never seen any comedians live! But I do like Jeff Dunham, I’m pretty sure I’ve watched all of his specials on YouTube, hehe. It takes a lot for a comedian to offend me, and I don’t think that Dunham is anywhere close to the political incorrectness (?) of many other comedians… It’s just good entertainment. :)

    By the way, a friend of mine from Germany recently showed me a video of this German guy who I personally don’t find funny at all (German humor = not my thing) but he’s basically doing THE EXACT SAME THING Dunham is doing, i.e. he’s also a ventriloquist. His name is Sascha Grammel, in case you haven’t heard of him before and want to check him out.

  3. Oh, and re: what Amber said! I LOVE Kathy Griffin. I don’t know why and I can totally see how people find her maybe offensive and also just really annoying… but I always laugh my butt off when I see her. :)

  4. I’m going to the show in April 2011. Love Jeff <3

  5. I love him! Never saw him live, but I love hise show! The hubby and I enjoy a good laugh – we love watching comedy centrals stand-ups! Gabriel Iglesias is super funny, too!

  6. Oh it has been forever since we’ve gone. I think the last we went to was George Carlin and he has been dead since 2008! And he did something I didn’t think was possible. He did offend me. And my skin is usually thicker. But that night he was just a sarcastic old man who wasn’t funny at all, and many people actually walked out and he heckled them.

  7. oh i love him. we have a CD with that program and i can still laugh my butt off :) i also love kathy griffin. they used to show “my life on the D-list” here for a while and we always watched that. she’s cool! laughing rocks.

  8. I’m scared of ventriloquism, but I LOVE live comedy. I saw Dmitri Martin a few months ago & it was so much fun. I definitely should make an effort to belly laugh more often. :)

  9. Oh, I want to laugh ’til my belly hurts too! I had never heard of Jeff Dunham. I did go see Ricky Gervais live last years and laughed tons. I guess I need to plan for another comedy night out soon :)

  10. Oh! SO lucky. I would love to see him live! :]

    My fiancee and I recently went to see the Last Comic Standing top 5 of last season. It was so fun! I love going to see stand-up comedy. No matter what happens that day, it all goes away when I get to laugh for a couple of hours. :]

  11. I’ve never seen any of Jeff Dunham’s comedy, just heard little snippets, but I hear he’s hilarious! I’ll have to check it out next time he’s on tv or something :)

  12. he is funny, I’ve never seen him live but I’ve seen his stuff on T.V.

  13. I have never seen Jeff live but he does look familiar, perhaps I’ve caught him on one of those World’s Greatest Comedy programs. My favourite comedian to see live is the British comedian, Billy Bailey. He is definitely one of those laugh til it hurts comedians.

  14. I have always heard great things about Jeff Dunham! Would love to see him some day.

  15. I have never been to a live comedy event but would love to go one day. We love to watch stand-up comedy on Comedy Central.

  16. I’ve never seen him live, but I LOVE Jeff Dunham! He is so great. The only live comedy act I’ve seen was Wayne Brady in Vegas, and he’s pretty hilarious, too! A great improv-er.

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