Things I love Thursday


This week I am loving…

… the start of the countdown for my parents’ visit this summer. My Dad emailed me the confirmation for their flight reservations and I’m thrilled that they’re going to be here in 185 days!

… the fact that the iPhone is coming to Verizon. Oh yes! I’ve been waiting for this so badly. I am not sure though if I am going to upgrade to the iPhone 4 next month or wait for the iPhone 5 (which is supposedly going to be out in June?) – any thoughts?

… early evening naps on the couch.

… all of my 40 followers. Amazing! Some of you have never commented, so feel free to pop in and say “Hi”. But regardless if you do, thanks for reading!

… the interaction with some of my lovely blog readers! It’s been great to exchange emails and to connect and communicate with you off-blog.

… coming home after work to find a fully cooked dinner on the table. (Somebody please tell me, who is this guy in my kitchen?)

… the return of Bill Maher’s “Real time” on HBO. I really love the show and think Bill Maher is an incredible talk show host. It’s my favorite Friday evening entertainment!

… Family guy marathons with J.

… a nice back scratch before bedtime.

… the fact that I scored a $20-Amazon gift certificate for $10 on yesterday! Hooray!

… getting things done. You know, like finishing paperwork, paying bills, making necessary phone calls. I just like to stay on top of things.

What are you loving this week?

  1. Have you started planning what you will be doing with your parents when they come?
    Want to send me who ever it was that cooked for you? My husband burns water!
    I also had a great get things done yesterday, including fighting a parking ticket (I believed it was bogus, long story) and I won!

  2. I think I want to start my own TILT, it’s such a nice and positive thing to do to make a list of things you love. :)

    I also love Bill Maher (most of the time, sometimes he’s a little, um, let’s say… over-confident)… And I’m so excited that your parents get to come see you this summer!! Have they visited you in the States before?

  3. I adore love lists. I need to do one of my own, its been a while.

    Connecting with blog friends off line is fun! That said, lets skype or google video chat soon.

  4. Those are great things to love for sure :)
    I wish someone would cook my meals..
    .-= Lindsay C blogged this: =-.

  5. i love all of the above. well, maybe not the family guy marathon. although i’m sure C would love me if i did. i just don’t “get” what’s funny really…
    .-= kim blogged this: things i love thursday =-.

  6. I’ve been kinda down in the dumps this week but I AM enjoying back rubs before I fall asleep, funny movies that actually make me laugh and aren’t stupid, soup, and my giant comfy bed. I want to hibernate!

  7. This week I’m loving all the time I’m getting to spend with my boys! It’s been SO cold here, and the roads are so bad, that we’ve been stuck inside reading, watching movies, and making up silly songs with Topher.

  8. I’m loving feeling happy and being productive. It really has a tremendous impact on our daily lives, just the way we look at life.
    On the iPhone bit, I think I’m waiting for the 5 version to upgrade mine… I want an iPad and a Mac Air too, but that will definitely have to wait.
    .-= Polin blogged this: First Dates =-.

  9. – So excited for your parents to visit. Any plans yet?

    – Wait for the iPhone 5! We have been eligible to upgrade to the iPhone 4 for a while now but are waiting for the iPhone 5 till June.

    – Congrats on your followers!!!

    – The only thing my husband ever makes are nachos. They are the best though!

    – Family Guy = LOVE! I just recently got into it. So funny!

    – Amazon gift card. Check! :)
    .-= Stefanie blogged this: My little meal planning box =-.

  10. I am currently loving Sharpie pens, my 2011 Goddess workbook, and warming my feet on the space heater.

  11. Love your list and agree to a lot!
    Bill Maher – yay
    back scratch before bedtime – the best
    iPhone to Verizon – awesome (don’t know if I should wait for the iPhone 5 either)
    Family visits – double yay!

    Hope your day is awesome hun!

    Hugs xxx

  12. An early evening nap on the couch sounds heavenly right now, but if I succumbed, I would never fall asleep at night!
    .-= vered blogged this: No Poo No Thanks Or- How I Went 10 Days Without Shampooing =-.

  13. I scored that Amazon gift card, too! Such a great deal! :)

    Right now, I’m loving advisors and professors who are willing to go the extra mile for a girl in a panic! Ha!
    .-= Stephany blogged this: Half-Marathon Training Plan =-.

  14. I’m waiting for iPhone 5 to come out. I can’t get an upgrade until next month and would love to buy a new one but there’s no reason to since my iPhone 3G still works perfectly fine (besides being so slow). After all an extra few months wait isn’t that bad….?

  15. Isn’t living social just about the world’s most wonderful invention!?

  16. Wait for the I5! You waited so long, that won’t matter anymore. And YEAH for J cooking !!!!!!!! Have a great weekend, Love, Susi

  17. Early evening naps on the couch? Heaven. No fun that I have two little critters who insist on tackling me the second my eyes close :)

  18. Yay, am loving the first item on your list! My mum is hopefully going to visit me here this summer (although she has yet to book her flight) and I’m already super-excited!
    .-= alicely blogged this: Things I’m looking forward to… =-.

  19. A lovely list indeed! Early morning couch naps sound divine! When my baby was still a wee thing we would have a couch nap with the cat. Those were among the most perfect moments in my life. <3
    .-= thursday blogged this: in just one short week =-.

  20. i do love bill maher! We dont get his shows over here in the uk so i rely on the internet. Religulous is a brilliant movie.
    .-= Claire blogged this: Dream Interiors Flea Market Style =-.

  21. I LOVE my iPhone! Haha. I just said this on your last post but I didn’t realize I could love a phone so much. Although, I didn’t have a huge budget to buy a new phone so I went ahead and bought the 3GS. I still love it! I especially love the photography apps. :D Hehehe. I am currently loving this sunny California weather we’re having, experimenting with photography, and life in general! <3
    .-= Lisa blogged this: on exploring the world visually =-.

  22. So happy your parents are coming to visit! What a fun treat. I also bought the Amazon deal…now I just need to narrow down the 85 items on my wishlist….
    .-= Ashlee blogged this: atticus =-.

  23. This post really made me smile! And made me think of checking out to see how many days until I go to Europeeeee, AH!! I think I will be e-mailing you one day to ask you about things to do! I can’t wait. :)

    And ooh, iPhone5? Whoa! Haha.
    .-= Holly blogged this: National Handwriting Day! =-.

  24. Your parents are coming to visit? That’s great! I know how happy you were to go home, so I’m sure you’re ecstatic to have them there with you again!
    .-= lauryn blogged this: 20 Minutes Straight =-.

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