Hanging out

Last week, J received a text message from Tristan, a fellow musician who he had met at their old rehearsal studio in Santa Monica. J had somewhat befriended him and his band, Native June, and hung out with them a couple of times at the studio. We also went to see them play at the Key Club in Hollywood once and went to Tristan’s apartment for the ” after show party” following the concert.
They are really nice guys and I really like that Tristan keeps up with J. He had text messaged him about their show at “The Cage” in Agoura Hills last Saturday and we had decided that we were going to go and see them.

When we got to Agoura Hills, we had a really hard time to find – what we thought was a club – “The Cage”. We asked at the gas station, we asked at another bar – nobody had heard about it. It was really odd. Luckily, J was able to get a hold of Tristan and he told us that “it” was right next to a church. A nightclub called “The Cage”, next to a church? It all sounded really bizarre to me.

Well, turns out that the “supposedly” cool nightclub was a fenced open-air concrete basketball court with a temporary stage next to the community church. Well, the name wasn’t too far fetched, was it? It was somewhat like a cage ;) I think there was an all day church event or something going on and they had invited a couple of bands to wrap up the day. There were only about 50 people including a bunch of teenagers.

Native June played for about 40 minutes and afterwards the guys, some of their friends and J and I went to a sushibar close by to have some drinks and hang out.

It was a really good night. Although J was a little bummed that he wasn’t the one to be up on stage, he got some really great encouragement from the guys to start looking for a new band and keep going. I thought that was really sweet.

We finished up our night with a late night dinner at – have a wild guess! – BURGER KING and I am pretty sure that I had enough fast food for the next couple of months. It was good while it lasted, but I usually regret having eaten that crap after I am done. Oh well. There was nothing else open at that late hour, so we were kinda forced to go there – if you know what I mean ;)

  1. That sounds good. Especially for J. Enjoy your time together! Knutscha

  2. i am glad j is looking for new ppl and keeps up with that tristan guy. first of all i was like: TRISTAN??? maybe i should give you tristans email addy since he is badass guitar player and also always searches for a band. i mean they live far away from each other but you never know how networking can work out good for the both of them. hm?
    so is the aaron and j time coming to an end?

  3. see, that’s what i’m talking about. J should try and find another band with musiclovers that take it just as seriously as he does. and i’m sure he will. getting to know other bands like that = networking can only be good. plus, you get to make your circle of friends in the area bigger which is always good. :)

    PS: i don’t see a “fun” font in the headers. just a regular semi-serif one…

  4. cool. so has A called? considering how nice you were by letting him stay with you when he had nowhere to sleep and everything you have done for him… he really ows you an explanation!

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