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Well, not quite yet, but whatever. I am actually in the process of getting all my shit together (literally – as in getting my stuff together –  and figuratively –  as in trying to stay calm and collected  because as always before I leave the office for a longer period of time, I was working late.  Today was no different!)

In about 24 hours, I’ll be on the plane. To be honest, my head is not really there yet, but my heart makes up for it. I am so excited! I am so ready for some time off.

I wish I had those three beautiful, vintage suitcases to travel with… oh, wouldn’t that be such a delight? The reality is, Lufthansa decided to restrict luggage to one piece (50lbs.) a person. This, my friends, is ridiculous. One suitcase  for a three week vacation? How am I supposed to take everything I want need when I only have 50lbs available space? Not to mention that my suitcase is actually too big (I bought it when 70lbs was still allowed) and I can’t even fill it up (which means my stuff is flying around in there while I travel). Just marvelous.

Anyway, it’s late, I am tired and I really can’t think straight anymore after a 14-hour day, but the good news is that I don’t have to go into the office tomorrow morning (like I had originally planned).
I’ll be going to sleep in, we’ll go out for a nice breakfast/lunch and I’ll get to relax a bit before heading to the airport in the afternoon. (Did I mention that I love red-eye flights when going transatlantic? It’s the perfect way to beat the jet-lag!)

As you can see, I’ll be kicking off my vacation in grand style :)

  1. have a good flight, sweety and i can’t wait to see you next week!!! HDGGGDL! <3
    .-= kim´s last blog beauty spring favorites =-.

    1. … und ich erst :) HDAGDL <3

  2. Have a great flight and an awesome trip!!!!! is your husband going with you? have fun in good old Germany :)

    1. We should meet, Tinka. You’re not too far away, are you?

  3. Happy vacation!! I’m so jealous!!
    .-= Hannah´s last blog ..Saying “I love ___.” =-.

  4. Have an amazing time!! I hate flight restrictions – we’re planning on going to Ireland from England when we’re over in August, and you can’t take ANY suitcase at all!! :(

    Have fun!!

    1. Wow! No suitcase at all? Which airline does that?
      .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..Insights and explanations. =-.

  5. Have fun in Germany!!!!! Is J coming with you? Last time I flew the restrictions were already at 50 lbs for each suitcase but back in August I was allowed to take two of them. I wonder when we will make it to Germany again. Maybe we will find some cheap flights for Christmas (which I doubt). Otherwise it will probably happen sometime in 2011. We’ll see. We kind of want to explore the US for a while: Florida, Vegas,…
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..Insights and explanations. =-.

  6. Have fun and enjoy your trip home.
    The suitcase situation is in fact ridiculous….

  7. So whats an “red-eye flight”??

    Enjoy your trip and your time in Germany!! Have fun!
    .-= Steffi´s last blog ..Protected: Update =-.

    1. A red-eye flight is any flight departing late at night. The term red-eye derives from the fatigue symptom of having red eyes, which can be caused or aggravated by overnight travel.

      A red-eye flight typically moves from west to east during the overnight hours. It departs late at night, lasts only about three to five hours, an insufficient period to get fully rested in flight, and due to rapid forward time zone changes the aircraft lands around dawn. As a result, many travelers are unable to get sufficiently rested before a new day of activity. From a marketing standpoint, the flights allow business travelers an opportunity to migrate eastward without having an impact on a full business day.

      Most eastward transatlantic crossings from North America to Europe are operated overnight, but are generally not viewed as red-eye flights since they depart early in the evening and last at least seven hours. A full night’s rest is theoretically possible as this is close to the seven to nine hours of nightly sleep recommended by the US National Sleep Foundation. (From Wikipedia)

      Woops I guess, I am technically wrong using that term, but now you know what it means :)

  8. Yay!! I’m so excited for you! I just spent 3 days with my family and it was wonderful! I can’t imagine how amazing 3 weeks would be!

    I don’t know why, but I love to travel. I love airports and airplanes…I wish I could understand the obsession. Anywhoo..have the best time ever!
    .-= Carolina´s last blog ..He Did It!! =-.

  9. I had to fill one 50 lb suitcase with my belongings when I moved across the country a few years ago – at least my parents could mail me things I needed that didn’t fit! It was still a major pain though. I hope you have a safe flight and a fantastic trip!!!

  10. I hope you have the best trip!

  11. In an ideal world, I always plan an extra day at home at the end of a vacation, so I can unpack, do laundry, go grocery shopping, etc. without rushing back to work. Now that you bring it up, it’s not such a bad way to start a vacation either. Sleep in, mosey to breakfast, meander to the airport. I like your style.

    Have a GREAT vacation!

  12. have a great trip!!
    .-= katelin´s last blog ..Fangirl freakout. =-.

  13. Must admit I don’t feel too terribly sorry for you for having to go on a three week vacation with one suitcase considering I only got to take one suitcase to Spain for a year (I did go home for Christmas but not between August and December so I had to pack for all seasons). That was really hard, especially as when I went to the States it was 2x70lbs. But seeing as I know I would have such a hard time flying to the States with one suitcase and coming back with only that one suitcase, I do feel for you a bit. ;)
    Have a safe flight and have a great time in Germany!
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..The perfect summer job =-.

  14. Have a wonderful time! Still waiting for Anneliese. Hopefully it will be soon!
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Fiber One Muffins =-.

  15. Have a great time!!!!!!

  16. Have to ask what “HDAGDL” means…

    Have a safet trip! It’s too bad Lufthansa restricts your luggage — when I flew United Airways to Germany, I got to have two bags 50 or less because it was a transcontinental flight.

  17. Check out Dackel Princess. I have an entry up about Einstein, the World’s Smallest Horse!
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Einstein =-.

  18. I hope you have the most wonderful vacation!! <2
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Fridays in Focus: {Tomorrow is always fresh.} =-.

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