24: It’s here! My Inkwell Press liveWELL Planner


Last year, I switched from my Erin Condren Life Planner to an Inkwell Press liveWELL Planner and I’ve not looked back. I’ve always had a planner (as far back as highschool) and I used to buy cheap planners (or even got the promotional planners that companies would give out for free) and then spruce it up with photos and other decorations.

My planners always functioned as hybrids – part planner, part journal and somewhere in my parents’ basement should be (I hope!) a bunch of old planners with tons of sentimental value.

I was an ECLP fan for three years, but got tired of the “flashy, bright colors”. When it comes to colors, I am more of a fan of “muted, pastel” colors, so no wonder I fell in love with the Wood Chevron Inkwell Press planner instantly!

Inkwell Press is a family-run, small business and last year was the first year that they came out with their planners. There were only four (I think) covers available and I was a very happy first time customer and supporter of Tonya’s business.

This year, her business has really taken off. She came out with new planner covers and other products and people have been going crazy. When she first launched the planners for 2016, she pretty much sold out within a couple of hours! CRAZY!
Things are a little nuts right now. I’ve waited for a second round of re-prints (relaunch was two weeks ago) and was a little scared that the planners have become so exclusive that I wouldn’t get my hands on one for the new year. That would have been a real bummer. I wish I could tell you “go get a planner of your own!“, but  the 2nd round of planners was – AGAIN! – sold out within a couple of hours. I was lucky to snatch one up again (and I don’t know what I would have done otherwise!), but only because I was on the computer right when the relaunch started.


Isn’t it pretty?





I know many people were disappointed, some even angry, but everyone has to keep in mind that this is a small, very young business and that nobody was able to anticipate the growth that Tonya’s business was to experience in just one year. Tonya has done her best to be as open and transparent about every single step along the way and I am just so excited for her success. I’ve heard that there will an “imperfect planner sale” happening in January (?) and there is a Facebook group marketplace. 

Here’s a comparison between the 2015 and 2016 planner. The new planners are a little smaller and lighter and they didn’t offer any personalization this year (but from what I hear there are plenty of Etsy shops that offer decals for a reasonable price).


Are you a planner person? Which planner will you be using next year?

  1. Those planners are so cute, I can see why they sold out! Definitely putting that on my radar for next year.

    1. Yes, lady! I love this planner!

  2. What a beautiful planner! I love getting a new planner each year – it just makes me so excited to fill it with all kinds of fun things and celebrations! I still get an EC planner as I have been so happy with the product but I can see why you like this brand better. That is crazy that they sell out so fast but I think she is smart to limit the # she will sell and only sell what she can accommodate versus accepting every order. I remember when EC did that back when they have a groupon deal for planners and people were so unhappy with the wait and quality of the planners. So there is definitely something to be said for not over-committing!

    1. I agree, I think Tonya runs her business really mindfully…. she doesn’t want to grow so fast. Her customer service is superb too and I am sure she doesn’t want to get in over her head just to make everybody happy.

  3. This looks like a beautiful planner! Unfortunately, every single time I would get a planner, I would toss it off to the side quickly. I am a fan of lists and notebooks and have recently been really good about adding appointments to my Google calendar which is synced to the Google calendar app on my iPhone (I am not really digging the integrated Apple calendar app). Also, in uniform, it is easier and more convenient to carry around a phone rather than a planner that may be too bulky.

    1. Oh, Google calendar is a life saver! I mean, one thing a paper planner can’t do is set reminders and sync with other people ;) I do use my phone calendar quite a bit, but I still love the feel of a real paper planner (and it’s partly journal/scrapbook for me, so it’s worth it).

  4. Such planner envy! Every year I struggle to find the right planner and lust after those I see online, but I really need to hold it in my hands, see how it feels in my work bag, and so on before I can commit to it. My good friend and coworker also is a bit planner obsessed, so we make a yearly date to go ‘planner shopping’ to find what we need and love, plus add cocktails to make it more fun. We’re going next Wednesday and it’s almost as exciting to me as Thanksgiving tomorrow!

    1. I remember we talked about this before! Just trust me, if you had this planner in your hands, you would love the feel!

  5. Your planner is so gorgeous! This makes me regret going completely electronic with my calendar/planning over the past few years. Maybe that’s a sign that I should give the paper planner another shot for 2016!

    1. I don’t think we can completely avoid going electronic (it’s so convenient!), but there is something to be said for a paper planner! ;)

  6. I have tried paper planners – even bought an Erin Condren one before – but I just never use them. I’m better at using the Notes app on my phone and Google calendar. I wish I was better with paper planners because they are so lovely, but I know myself well enough now to stay away.

    1. Totally valid! I can see how someone would like the idea of a paper planner, but have no follow-through in using it… and Google calendar is so convenient! ;)

  7. Ah, it is beautiful. I was looking at Inkwell Press as well, but they were already sold out. I ordered an ECLP on Sunday and it will ship next week, so hopefully I’ll get it before Christmas. For the money it cost, I’d better make good use of it!

    1. I really hope you like your ECLP! I was very happy with it for three years! I like the water color cover that you picked!

  8. I love paper planners too! I used to buy EC planners but their shipping price for Canada was ridiculous – almost as much as the planner itself! Last year I bought a Plum Paper planner and absolutely loved it, but decided to try Elise Cripe’s “Get to Work Book” for the new year instead – I figured since it’s more more business-oriented, which will be helpful! I’ll let you know what I think :)

    1. Yeah, I can see how international shipping would make you refrain from buying in the US…. but I heard about Elise’s “Get To Work Book”. Let me know how you like it!

  9. Hey San,
    I used those cheap and commercial planners all through high school too. And I have them all stashed under my desk as they do hold sentimental value. I was thinking about going through them this christmas break just fr the fun of it.
    The last years I actually used a moleskin planner and I loved it but I haven’t been putting much in it. However I wanted to start doing more journaling and project planning in 2016 and was looking for something more suitable. I found an awesome planner through a crowdfunding platform and got myself one. It’s supposed to be here before Christmas and I am sooo excited.
    Your planner looks nice too and I like the cover.
    Happy planning, Tobia

  10. I’m so glad you finally got one! I used to be a planner person before smartphones, where I would write everything done because I’ve always been so forgetful. Sometimes I would get a plain journal and then write out all the months/days. They were not fancy, but just a way to remember stuff.

    As you know I got one of these planners myself because I’m finding I have to write down things in multiple places AND in my phone to remember!

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