My typical weekday

Stefanie asked in the comments what my typical weekday routine looks like and I am happy to share.

5:20 a.m. – My alarms goes off and I get up. The very first thing I do is turn on the little space heater in my bathroom, because, as I’ve mentioned before, fall is here – even in California – and it’s getting pretty cold at night. When I get out of the shower, the small bathroom has heated up enough for me not to shiver while I dry myself and get dressed and the fog on the bathroom mirror has disappeared as well.

5:50 a.m. – I go in the kitchen to prepare some sandwiches/lunch for the day and boil some water for a cup of tea. (I’ve made it my habit to have a cup of tea in the morning, before I have coffee at work – I am trying to be better about staying hydrated and tea works so much better for me than plain water.) Then it’s back to the bathroom to dry my hair and put on some (light) makeup.

6:35 a.m. – I leave the house and either catch the bus or drive my car to work (it’s usually the bus 1-2x per week).

7:00 – 7:15 a.m. – I start work. I am usually the first one in the office, so I turn on my computer and go to the kitchen to start the first pot of coffee. (As I mentioned somewhere on this blog before, it’s imperative that I am in the kitchen before my co-worker, because he makes horrible coffee.)

7:00 – 6:00 p.m. – My work day is usually not very exciting or diversified. I usually work on a couple of different projects, mostly jumping back and forth between three different computers.
I usually don’t take a fixed lunch break (even though we’re technically supposed to), but I eat somewhere between work and then sometimes use my “lunch time” to talk with my sister or other family (doing all the phone talks on the weekend is nearly impossible!)

6:00 p.m. – I get off work. Sometimes I stop at the store on the way to pick up a few items (I am definitely a multiple-times-a-week-shopper vs. the stock-up-every-two-weeks-shopper.)

6:30 p.m. – I arrive at home, make some dinner and usually watch the news for an hour (Countdown with Keith Olberman or The Rachel Maddow Show being two of my favorite news shows right now).

8:00 p.m. – I usually spend an hour on the computer catching up on Facebook, email and such.

9:15 p.m. – I get ready for bed and read for 30-45 minutes (to wind down and relax).

10:15 p.m. – I turn of the light. That way I get my solid 7 hours of sleep (during the week) which works quite well for me. (8 hours would be better though ;)).

What does your routine look like?

  1. Good idea posting the daily routin. Will do that today on my Blog.
    .-= Steffi´s last blog ..My Monday =-.

  2. That was really interesting to read! I might take up that idea some time as well!
    You have really long work days and little time for something else. But I guess the 3 day weekends compensate for that. At least a bit.
    .-= Antje´s last blog ..SO RELAXING =-.

  3. Wow, you really don’t have much time to do anything during the week, huh? Do you guys sometimes go out or do stuff on week nights? Does J have a similar schedule?

  4. Me?
    6:45 – alarm goes off, I hit snooze every five minutes
    7:10- 7:50- i fiiiinally get out of bed, and get ready, I grab a bottle of instant breakfast and roar away to work
    8AM to 12: I work. Hard if I’m busy, otherwise I just try and look busy. At noon, I eat my lunch at my desk.
    12:30-1:30ish: take my lunch break. Sometimes I meet people, sometimes I run home, sometimes I just read.
    1:30-5: more work. Usually meetings.

    After work, it depends. I usually come home for a bit, then gym or yoga. Wednesdays I hve choir. After I either play with sisters, watch TV or blog. If I cam go out and about with my friends, I do. It all just depends on the day of the week.

  5. That’s definitely a busy schedule. You told me that you didn’t get your three-day weekends in a while but I hope that will change again soon. You deserve your Friday of with such a tight schedule.
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..What giving is all about. =-.

  6. I think you already know because of my complaints about the dogs waking me. I try to be in bed by 9:30, asleep by 10. I am up by 7 AM, but that could be earlier and often the sleep is broken in the night.
    Breakfast 8 AM, Lunch Noon, Dinner 6 PM.
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Sleep! =-.

  7. My work schedule bounces all over the place so I don’t really have a steady routine.
    .-= Terra´s last blog ..Because I ♥ Sociology =-.

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