Greta’s baptism

Technically, I should start with wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I know, it’s January, 4th already. I am late. But I am even much later on updating my blog here about my fabulous time in Germany. There is just so little time.

J put it this way: I can’t sit still for a minute while I am here, because I am off to a new adventure every single minute. And he’s right. My time here is packed, but oh-so-wonderful!

Today I want to tell you about Greta’s baptism which happened – let’s see – over a week ago.
My sister had requested an exception for Greta’s baptism at her local church, because usually there are only a few different dates per month when the church baptizes children (usually in a collective service), but since I wasn’t going to be able to be there for one of those dates, my sister asked if it was possible to have the baptism on a different date.
I feel quite special that they made an exception just for ME!

The baptism was on December, 27th.
We met a the local church around 3:30 p.m. and it was just our family and a few close friends. The service was very personalized and everybody loved it! Greta was a little angle and slept through the whole ceremony, except for when she was blessed with the water.
She angrily shook her head at the pastor, but then decided that she wanted to sleep some more ;)
I feel really flattered that my sister picked me to be Greta’s god-mother. Even though I am very far away most of the year, I will try very hard to be as big of a part in Greta’s life as I can be!

After the service, we gathered at my sister’s place for some coffee and cake. Greta was the center of attention, of course. My sister had also planned a big dinner and we celebrated until midnight. Good times should last forever!! :)
If you want to see some pictures of this special day, you need to go to my flickr page, because most of the photos of my family are protected.

  1. Ah my dear, I think you are either back in CA now or almost. I know that your time in Germany is flying by, but what a joy to spend Christmas and to have the Christening too. Greta was beautiful in her gown. And you and Nina looked lovely as well.
    I’ve missed you, but I am so glad you had a wonderful time!!!

  2. I am late too. But time flies by so fast, right?
    I am glad you have a great time “at home”. And I saw that you went to U + J wedding! That is so great that you could make it.
    We have to talk more when you are back. Maybe you can stop by here for a sunday or so?
    Much love, Susi

  3. i am glad u guys had such a nice baptizm. and i am sure you will do the best to be the auntie for greta:-) can’t wait to finally see u on thursday. damn for today. but it was nice talking to you for a while:-)

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