Ventura and LA

We spent Friday in J’s hometown Ventura. In the morning, my Dad dropped us off at Kohl’s for a last shopping tour. This time, my Mom and I bought some nice clothes and Basti gave advise in a first-class manner ;)

Meanwhile, my Dad visited another golf course [I think the fourth of the whole trip] and was able to use the Driving Range for a while.

In the afternoon, we were invited for a BBQ at J’s parents’ house. Another family from Germany, which had been at our wedding last year, was on vacation in California as well, so we all hung out together :) It was a fun afternoon. My Mom and I prepared potato salad and a tomato-egg-platter and J’s Mom had bought chicken for the grill. The weather was nice and sunny and we had a great time hanging out in the backyard.

At 8 p.m. we had to say goodbye again. We made a quick stop at the Ventura Harbor on the way back to the hotel.

Since we were all a little bit hungry again, I suggested to have pizza at Toni’s Pizza Place. You have to have Toni’s Pizza when you are in Ventura :)

Saturday morning, we took Highway 1 from Ventura to Malibu and ended our trip where it had started three weeks ago – at the Malibu Inn with a hearty breakfast :)

Afterwards, we drove to the “Getty Center” in Brentwood. It was one “cultural” place I definitely wanted my parents and Basti to see – not only because of the great view of LA and Santa Monica, but also because of the great architecture and the great exhibitions.

We left the “Getty” around 3 p.m., did some last-minute shopping at the supermarket and then took the luggage to the “Crowne Plaza”, their hotel next to the airport. We spent the evening at the “3rd Street Promenade” in Santa Monica. There were many people out on Saturday night [which is not unusual ;)] and we had a great time strolling up and down the Promenade. We decided to have our last dinner at “Bubba Gump’s” again on the Santa Monica Pier and we actually had to wait for 45 minutes to get a table. Great – this way we had time to explore the Pier some more and take some last photos :)

Finally, when we had dinner, we had a great view of the beach and the sunset. My Mom and I shared a steak and a big salad [with rasberry vinaigrette – yum!], my Dad had a steak and Basti the “Run Across America Seafood Platter”. What a great last night!

Sunday morning, we all had breakfast together at the hotel and then took the shuttle to the airport. There are no photos of our “saying goodbye”, because I think we all didn’t feel like taking photos …

I had promised myself not to cry, because there really was no reason to cry since we had such a marvelous, special time – but I couldn’t help it and wept like a baby. It was hard to see them go. I think I really wasn’t aware how much I had missed them. Oh well, “only” 5 months till Christmas ;)

  1. Sounds like you had such a great time with your parents and Basti! And it’s ok to cry when your parents are going home – far away!


  2. I understand. When Uschi (best friend & sister) in the world and I say goodbye when I leave Berlin, I always cry.
    I must say though, I have enjoyed the family travel log that you kept. It was so much fun to see you with your family doing the tourist stuff.

  3. Oh that must have been so so so sad!!! :-( Good thing Christmas isn’t far away now! If I ever tour the west I’ll definitely come back and ask you about all these places you have been! It’s been a great read!

  4. i’m sorry the goodbye was tearful. but you had such a great time. i’m sure you can live off of that for a while. and then hopefully soon you can update your countdown again for our visit in november and then it’s almost time to come to germany for christmas. you’ll see, time will fly.

    sending you a big *hug* and call me ;)

  5. like i said i am not commenting anymore. but then again you just made me cry because you cried, so now i feel bad for you and wanna send you a hug. :) sorry the goodbye was so tearful but look at all the nice memories you guys had together. so awesome! are you going home for christmas? i am going in november, yea!!! :) love ya

  6. =( oh nooo zeit vergeht immer so schnell aber wow ihr habt so viel erlebt und so tolle pics von eurer tollen zeit!!!! ich liebe die fotos! hihi und die 5 monaten vergehen noch schneller *hoffe ich für dich* =) hugs && kisses

  7. I know how you feel sweety :-(
    Its sad to see family go! But you are so lucky, going home for Xmas! I envy you!

  8. i can so imagine how you feel. but like the others said, i am sure you can live off that for a while. and time WILL fly. i am sure. and i cant wait to see you during xmas.:-) love ya

  9. Ohhh…that made me cry now, too. Remembers me of saying goodbye to my parents in Frankfurt. It was so painful and really sad, but hey you gonna see them in just a few months again and your trip was so amazing. Love the pictures, too and I am so happy for you guys, that you could spent such a great time together. A big *hug*

  10. That is so fun!! I love all the pictures! :) … and that pizza looks sooo good! Reminder to self: don’t go on Xanga when hungry.

  11. Yes! I am gonna try to update Xanga from now on again!! ;)

  12. Hey, the 5 months will fly by, promised!!!
    Just always remember the good time you had with your parents.
    Wanna see you in December.

  13. Oh yeah. I hear ya. I think the saying good-bye gets harder every time.

    I agree with Architette. I am hungry now. The pizza looks so good! I will try to call you later today or tomorrow. We need to chat!

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