M5.8 Earthquake in LA

M5.8 Earthquake in LA

You could even feel it in Ventura!

  1. yeah i felt it in silver lake, crazay.

  2. We live in Irvine and it was really pretty scary to feel an earthquake like this!
    I really enjoy to read this side!

  3. Scary! Hope there’s not coming more!

  4. that IS crazy. and scary. i hope everyone is okay.

    and also, i know the geologist in you got a little giddy and excited, right? :D


  5. Gosh…that’s really scary. Luckily we hadn’t had one earthquake yet we could have felt.

  6. since we all think it’s scary i know you have been in your element, right? although i really hope not too many people got hurt through this.

  7. you must be “exited”!! ;)

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