It’s amazing what two letters, one friendly and matter-of-factly, the other one a little bit more pissed off, can do when you’re trying to get what’s due to you.

What can I say, perseverance prevails once again.

I have blogged before about my very deranged relationship with the Postal Service.
I know it’s a tough business. I can only imagine how very difficult it must be to figure out the logistics to safely take hundreds upon hundreds of letters/packages around the world. However, that’s their job. They should have figured it out by now.
I can still understand that occasionally a letter can get lost. That’s just life.

What I really don’t appreciate is bad customer service, especially from someone who basically still has a monopoly on the services they offer. Just because there isn’t much of an alternative for customers to turn to doesn’t mean you can treat them like shit.

Remember this story about the package that was lost in the mail and how the Postal Service was trying to sneak their way out of the responsibility of reimbursing the amount for which I had insured the package?
Yeah, they were barking up the wrong tree here.

I finally heard back in response to my second letter in which I got a little bit cheeky (which they deserved), telling them that I really didn’t appreciate their attitude and in which I  presented enough very good arguments to back up my case.
Let’s just say they were eating humble pie this time and offered me almost the full amount (out of the $200 insurance that I purchased) for indemnity (they subtracted a small amount, because I couldn’t provide receipts for all the items in the package).
There you go! Why couldn’t they back down in the first place when they knew they were at fault? Why did they think they could get a away with it?

I’ll tell you why.

Because most people won’t fight back. That’s it.
Most people won’t have the energy, nor the persistence to slug it out with them. No complaint, no redress. Simple as that.

And meanwhile, they’re getting away with this, time and time again.
This kind of shit makes me mad like nobody’s business.

  1. Yay! Happy you finally got somewhere with the usps. Can’t believe how long it took but at least it was worth it.

  2. Hallo San,
    I so totaly agree…
    I have had so many bad experiences, just like you, but even more.
    You are so right about fighting back, we need to unite..lolololol
    I have come to the same conclusion….
    Greetings from Texas,

  3. way to go girl! you show them how’s the boss!

    PS: that and the other “extra money” you’ve fought for should be enough for a round trip to germany and back, right? :D

  4. yeah, or you show them WHO’S the boss. either way will work ;)

    PS: i blame the headaches :(

  5. Fabulous job, San! Glad you hung in there!

  6. hehe. good job love!!! proud of you!!! I just got money back to for bad service, we can congratulate each other. haha. girls fight! :)

  7. Ahh, congrats! Please tell me how you did that and where you send your letters to. I still have a missing package I would like to get back (well, I honestly doubt they can find it after 10 years but oh well, I think I can try if I want to) :)

    Anyways…Girl power rules!!

  8. YAY…I’m so excited for you! I love that you fought back and didn’t take no for an answer! Unfortunately, that’s the only way to get things done around here!
    Congratulations my friend!

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