I feel a little gloomy these days.
After the recap of my Germany trip, I feel like there is not much left worth writing about.


Besides our new administration, of course. That was definitely worth mentioning.
Other than that:
I think I have a case of the mondays vacation-is-over-back-to-works.

Who can blame me?
I’ve hardly been back in CA for two weeks and already feel like I have missed out on a HUGE part of Greta’s life. My sister told me on the phone the other day that she giggles now. She doesn’t just smile. She giggles. I have actually heard it over the phone one time. It’s the cutest thing.

Besides, it’s been raining buckets for the last two days and even though we desparately need the rain, it’s not helping with my mood.
If it was snow, at least.

I know all those feelings are going to pass. I am positive that it mostly has to do with the fact that going from “fulltime family life” to “no family at all’ in a matter of hours is – let’s face it – simply cruel. 
And even though you’ve probably had it with all my family talk already, I hope you can bear with me a little longer. It’s going to take a while for me to readjust. 

I am sure, it’ll get better as soon as the Californian spring kicks in!

Or maybe Susi will be able to cheer me up a bit.
I’ll go and see her tomorrow :) Yay!

  1. I know how you feel. Believe me, I do. Hang in there and try to plan something nice, fun and special for yourself.

  2. Gah – you know what? I always think of this time of year, right before spring, as Limbo. Post holiday blah/crap weather/preSpring chomping-at-the-bit makes for such BLAH moods!

    As you can see, I’m not up for much writing inspiration myself these days. We get our new puppy in 4 1/2 more weeks, so I’m hoping that will rev things up around our house – at the very least, it will give me something to focus on/stress out about during Limbo.

  3. San, I think you are really lucky to have a family like yours and your bond with your sister and niece is so lovely. I can understand how you feel, as you described your holiday in Germany with lots of love and passion. Now you have to fill the loss of it all with new nice things, which I’m sure you will.
    I hope you have a great weekend and find yourself back in SC.

  4. Let me give you a big huge hug! I know how you feel, I’m there myself. It’ll get better, it always does! Say hi to Susi from me!

  5. hey, i can only imagine how you must feel. i mean i know you are happy in cali and enjoy your life with your hubby but i know you miss your family and also your friends. and i am sure it all feels surreal while u have been surrounded by so many people for a couple of weeks and all of a sudden it’s the 2 of you. not that i wanna say you won’t enjoy being with your hubby. but we talked about that when we met and i am sure you understand what i am trying to say. lol

    and of course now that greta is there now and it’s so exciting to see a baby develop and you don’t wanna miss a thing. but thank god for webcams, right?

    so what can i say? get your butts back to germany. convince your hubby;-) i would really like that:-) ok, i am selfish now. lol hugs

  6. Hi Sweetie! Hope that I cheered you up! It was great having you over! Love you

  7. I know so well how you feel, been there myself many times! Too many times!

    I wish I could say I invented something like beaming for real people, but I can’t. So all I can say is jump into life back in CA as much as you can with fun activities and such, talk to your family at home a lot and save for the next trip to Germany. Or yes, even better…convince J to move to Germany with you! ;)

  8. Hope you feel better soon!! I know how it is… it’ll just take time until you get used to your life in CA again. When are you going back to Germany? Are you planning your next trip? That always helps and you can start the next countdown..

  9. it’s tough having to divide between two countries and it probably always will be. in the end you need to find out what will be the “lesser evil” for you two, take it from there and make the best of it. i know that’s what you’re usually trying to do anyways and you have all the right in the world to have blah-times in between. it’s always tough for C to re-adjust to germany after a trip to the US as well. sending you a big hug and hopefully some sun very soon – i’m sure that’ll help :)

  10. Don’t feel bad. You are not alone. Ute is always upset about being here and missing parts of her family and friends life. It is not easy. If you leave the U.S. you will miss the friends you have made here and if you stay, you will obviously miss what you had there. I see hope in America in the future and I hope at least that is something that can cheer you up. It takes time…after 8 years of nothingness. Sorry, I feel for you girls. =)

  11. Your post makes me sad.
    I’m sorry you’re feeling so torn!!
    Hopefully the sun will come out soon…and talk away! That’s what this is for right? For you to vent to your heart’s content!!

  12. Awww yeah I hate that feeling. :(
    Big hug! Hope it’s gone by now!

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