A year ago …

my sister called me and told me she was pregnant.
Positively and 100% pregnant.
It had been such an eagerly awaited news and I wasn’t anything but extraordinarily and overly happy for her! Now it’s exactly one year after the exciting news and there is this 4-month-old bundle of joy in our lives now. It’s amazing how I can hardly remember what it was like when Greta was not yet part of the family!

Just yesterday, congratulating my cousin on his 18th birthday, I realized how fast time has gone by… especially the last 18 years. Much, much fast than the first 15 years. It’s simply amazing to me. And a little scary (but I won’t let that overwhelm me too much).
I am just hoping time will not fly by that fast with Greta, especially since I won’t be around to see much of her growing up.
My heart kind of aches thinking about that by the time I am going to see her again, she probably will be able to walk towards me on her own.
She’s already changed and grown so much in the last two months that I haven’t seen her.

The good thing is, due to my being so far away, Greta will have lots and lots of pictures and videos of herself when she’s older, because I make her parents and grandparents send me updates every single week! I guess, sometimes good things come from having an aunt living so far away.

  1. You are such a special Aunt too! I think in the future Greta will come to look forward to your computer chats, your personal visits with her and then think of when she will write you herself on the computer.
    Any chance that Nina can come for a visit to CA?

  2. it’s hard to believe that leni will be two years this month! just like the other “babies” here. i feel the same way about time flying. it IS scary at times but also exciting. big *hug* suesse…

    c and i have been talking about possibly taking a trip to long beach again this spring/summer. any chance you guys could make it so so-cal again because i don’t think we can afford an additional trip up to see you… ? IF we go. nothing decided yet but possible… xoxoxo

  3. It is heart breaking to hear stories like this. I know Ute goes through the same situations with her friends children. The thing is, now you are here and you have made friends all over the world. It would be impossible to be able to satisfy your need to see everyone, unless pangea reformed. If you left and went back home to Germany, you would be heart broken to find out that people here are growing without you. It is sad because I feel it too now that I have friends and family in a distant land. Keep your head up and look forward to the photos and videos.

  4. i am sure your heart is bleeding since it’s your niece. but think of the positive fact, that everyone makes such an effort to include u. u appreciate everything a lot more, compared to be living in germany. then u would take things for granted. and think of how cool greta will find the fact that she has a badass aunt in the states;-) i am sure you will be her number one choice when it comes to vacation and having a good time:-)

  5. One year, wow. Time really flies.
    Every year Christmas is here sooner then last year – or at least it seems like it.
    We are getting older so quickly and I have to admit that there are days I am quite scared about that.

    I am sure you get to see tons of pictures and videos from Greta and you will manage to see her as much as possible in person.

  6. I feel your pain – I have three nephews who live on the opposite coast. I just met the baby for the first time two years ago – he was six. The next planned visit isn’t for another two years or so….It’s so sad having your loved ones so far away.

  7. At least your attempting to look at the positives of being far away! I never really know what to say when you post about your niece…because I know all too well how sad I would be if I wasn’t close to my Abel! He has been the greatest blessing in my life!
    When my siblings gave me my ipod they said it was from Abel too and he wanted me to get healthy so I could run around with him and play with him always!!
    Thank you always for sharing and wish sooo much you could be closer to Greta!!



    Love ya

  9. yeah it’s scary how time flys by nowadays. I am sure it will feel like it’s flying with Greta as well but at least you will have tons of pictures to look back at when she was tiny tiny tiny. :)

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