Delurk! Even if it is a day late…

I still owe you the update of the second half of my Germany trip and rest assured, I am working on it, but for today I’ll just ask you to delurk!


Yesterday was Official Delurking Day’09 and since we all like to know who reads our blogs and follows our stories, today is the day to step up and say “Yes, this is me!” (who’s leaving traces all over your blog :)).
Be so kind to leave a comment and let me know that you’re reading!

  1. You know that I am reading, but “hi”! ;-)
    Just to make it a better de-lurker day than mine.

  2. Hey Sis :-) Just catching up on your posts – looks like you had a blast in Germany but I am sure its pretty nice seeing J again too lol Love ya Cath

  3. Always here, always reading. And always trying to comment!
    Happy De-Lurking Day!

  4. Not a lurker, but definitely a supporter! I didn’t even try “Delurking Day” on my blog because my lurkers are too stubborn to come out of hiding!

  5. Hello from Orange County!
    Just to let you know: I’m reading your blog!
    Happy de-lurker day!

  6. Hola, girl! I’m reading!

  7. I’m here!!! Here here

  8. Your little spot on the internet is now one of my favorite little spots on the internet! I check it out everyday…but I’m sure you knew that!

  9. Hi, I usually read your blog when I’m surfing the internet. I’ve also been through a long distance relationship, now living with my American in Germany :)

  10. @ Nadine: Your email doesn’t work. Too bad. I wanted to drop you a line!

  11. hi sweets, although i am 2 days late to leave a comment u know i am reading your blog more or less you have it.

  12. OK, as it is delurking day I will come out (I am shy usually). Hi, I am Irene from Bremen, currently living close to Nuremberg. I have been reading for a few weeks now. Am reading a lot of “Germans in America”-blogs because I want to be one too one day (have been an Au Pair 10 years ago and am trying to go back ever since).

    My hubby is currently trying to get an Expat-job in the USA…I am sooo hoping he will get it.

  13. Damn, I wish I had known about Delurking Day before! I haven’t been checking my blogs lately because I’ve been obsessed with Flickr… oops.
    But I’m a reader!

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