We had a good weekend

Hi everybody… how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good… I love hanging out at home doing nothing but sleep, watch movies and read :)

Friday night I went to the Bookclub – Robin was so nice as to host again, but except Silke and I nobody showed up … and I couldn’t help but tell them that I feel that the bookclub is falling apart. Robin’s going to move to the Bay area in two weeks, Silke will return to Germany next month, Rachel doesn’t seem to be very interested anymore and Antonia didn’t show up the last two weeks and didn’t even let anybody know.
That’s not a good sign, is it?

Saturday I slept in… what a surprise! It feels like I don’t even wake up before 11:00 a.m. anymore! ;) But maybe it was just because I really had the urge to write a letter when I came home Friday night and didn’t go to bed before 2 a.m. :) In the afternoon, I spontaneously decided to go to the hairdresser and get a haircut. I hadn’t had a haircut in months and I thought it was high time to do something about my hair… now it goes just below my shoulder and I got some layers for more volume! I like it and J likes it, too :)

Then I went to the “Used Books”-Store in Sacramento that I found on the web and bought the book (see below) that Robin recommended. I’ve already read the first two chapters and it’s really interesting!! :)
Afterward I went shopping and then cooked a great dinner with J! It’s so much fun to cook together :) In the evening we watched “The Terminal” with Tom Hanks. We were really lucky, because the Netflix movies were already in the mail on Saturday (so they were shipped within one day, which is a great turnover!! :-)) The movie was ok – honestly, I expected a little bit more, but… oh well!

Sunday was pretty lazy… except for our our workout! There is no better feeling than after you’ve worked out for an hour :) we felt great!!
After that we had some coffee, read, watched TV and after dinner we watched another DVD, a German movie called “Echte Kerle” (Regular Guys). I was really surprised to see that it was available at Netflix and since one of the main actors (Tim Bergmann) went to my school, J had to see it!! He really liked it, although I have to say that the subtitles were pretty bad at times… they didn’t capture the German humor at all! Fortunately J understands a lot of German, so he didn’t have to rely on the subtitles alone!! He really thought it was a fun movie and that it is funny that Tim Bergmann went to my school… he couldn’t help but mention that Kevin Costner went to his Elementary School (the only difference being that he wasn’t born back then :) ).

Yesterday we stayed at home and just enjoyed being with each other. We went out for dinner to “Fresh Choice” and I had a huge salad and their really delicious bread with garlic spread! *yummy* Then we went home and watched the last three episodes of Sex and the City‘s first season :-D Fortunately I’ve already ordered the second season at Netflix for next weekend!!
Then we watched “The Battles of Algiers”, a movie that Jon picked out about Algeria’s struggle of independence from France in the 1950’s. It was a good movie, but reading the subtitles the whole time was kind of exhausting and I fell asleep after half of the movie was over. I just couldn’t help it… it was getting too late ;)

So, how were your weekends, guys???

  1. My roomie got the battles of algier from netflix. i never watched it though….
    your weekend sounds like soooo much fun!!!! Yay! Oh I went to the same Ballet School as Diane Kruger. Is that cool? :)
    I’m sorry to hear about the bookclub falling apart. Maybe your local library has one, too?
    Have a great week and take lots of Vitamin C. Haha! :-)

  2. @ sanna: yeah, a fun lazy weekend :-D it was!!!hey, you’ve never told me that you did ballet… how exciting. when did you stop?? honestly i’ve only heard of diane kruger once *lol* and i heard she’s kinda arrogant! is she?? have a great week too!

  3. Just wanted to say: Have a great week :-)!

  4. Hey, I want to do the internship from end of May till end of August.

  5. I am sorry about the book club… I always thought it was such a great thing for you to have…is it def broken up or were people just slack that week?
    lol that you and Jon both have famous people going to your school…. no famous went to my school…. well except for me…. and I am only famous in my own mind :-)

  6. No I have a J-1. I don’t know if it works, but even if it does I would have to find someone to sponsor me, and that seems the bigger problem at the moment. :(

  7. I considered that?but it wouldn’t exactly be legal would it? Cos I could put it on my resume as work experience but wouldn’t actually have had an allowance do gain work experience…
    Do you think I could become a member of the NHS anyway even though I won’t be here next fall? Cos if I put something on my resume wouldn’t I actually have to be a member?

  8. Oh and yeah I don’t know why but I also did so much worse in Germany. I guess I just like the system here better, it’s more like school.

  9. I don’t know about that, but it is considered voluntary anyways. But on a B2 shouldn’t you just observe if at all. You’re not supposed to do an internship as that’s what the J-1 is for???In SF from March 12 to 18. That’s Saturday in 2 weeks that I’ll be getting there.

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