Good times

Hey guys… it’s me again.

I am tired after a really short night (J has been in a very talkative mood the last few days and keeps me up, but hey, I like it when he shares his thoughts – so I won’t complain).

It’s getting a little cooler here finally… but still around 85°F, so it’s not really fall yet, but I like that weather a lot! I tried to send some sunshine to Germany last week but my friend told me it didn’t really get there. Oh well. It’s a long way from here to Germany ;)

Have you heard about the Parkfield-earthquake on Tuesday. Man, that’s so exciting! I couldn’t believe it was happening, because an earthquake in that area was long overdue (according to the very little research knowledge that scientists have so far about “predicting” earthquakes). Oh well. I was thrilled! I am following the scientific news every day and it’s so interesting for my field of interest (did I mention that I wrote my master thesis about the San Andreas Fault?)

Anyways, everything else is going great. We had a really fun weekend… went to Davis for the “Causeway Classic” Football game on Saturday (UC Davis vs. Sacramento State) and ended up watching the game from the upper deck of the parking garage, because tickets were sold out which hasn’t happened before… last year the game was in Sac and we got tickets at the ticket box that day. Anyways, it was a fun game (Davis won 58:23 ) and later on we had a BBQ at our place with Claudia and Stoyan, Peter and Silke. It was fun!! Alicia and Andi couldn’t come, because Alicia had a really bad migraine attack and couldn’t leave the house. They still haven’t been to our new apartment and we’ve been living there for over 2,5 weeks now!

This weekend we’re going to Ventura with Susi and Peter. Susi’s going to leave for Germany in October, so we’re taking one last trip together so to speak. It’s going to be fun! We’re planning to hang out in Santa Barbara on Saturday.

I’ll keep you posted! Hope everything is well with you :)

  1. Dein Maenne quasselt soviel, dass du nachts nicht schlafen kann ???Oh man….was erzaehlt er denn so? Das ist n hartes Los ;-) Lieben Gruss aus Portland

  2. Na was wohl… Politics… over and over and over ;-)

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