“Crazy” is my middle name

It’s Sunday night, 8:45 pm.
Take a wild guess where I am.

At the office.

I must have completely lost my mind.

I always promise to get things done when I should KNOW that I won’t be able to finish them in said time. I just can’t help thinking that I am Miss Genius and will make it work. Magically.
That’s why I am in the office. Working. On a Sunday, when I should be preparing for my trip.


  1. yeah, sounds familiar. i am pretty much the same. and u feel bad when u promised things and don’t get them done, right? we have to learn to say no;-)

  2. Saying no is not my strong suit either. Hoping you didn’t stay there too long!!

  3. I hope you have a safe trip! Update us when you get there. And I’m going to send you a ‘stache when you get back! WEEE! Big hugs.

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