Ready, steady… go!

Ok, hold on: before anyone freaks out. I booked my flight. (Breathe out!)

I know, I am kind of a player to book about two weeks in advance, especially around Christmas time, but honestly, that has worked for me pretty well the last two times.
I found better roundtrip deals than if I had booked a couple of months ago.

Last year’s Christmas flight home was $580. This year’s flight is $750. That’s over $200 less than what I paid in September, remember? Not bad if you ask me, espcially with the current situation of the economy.
I mean, seriously you can’t beat the last minute prices.

Sure, I don’t have a nonstop flight, but two stopovers, but a) the time to change planes is pretty reasonable (no long layovers) and b) I don’t have to drive all the way out to LA or SF, but can catch the plane right here from Sacramento Airport, not even 20 minutes from my apartment.
That’s most convenient, if you ask me.

We’ll be leaving on the 16th, getting into DUS on the 17th, oh, and did I mention that I am going to stay for 3,5 weeks?! :)

So, let the countdown begin! 12 more days. Or actually, make that 11. Today is almost over. :)

  1. And so will you be blogging from Germany missy????? I’m excited for you – want to see lots of pictures!

  2. woo woo for going home, so exciting.

    ps. i don’t remember where in cali you are but if you’re i la we’re having a meetup tomorrow :)

  3. Hey, great news.
    3,5 weeks, that’s a lot of time for your Family! I am very happy for you.

    Were did you book your flights if I may ask?
    I am looking for some for next year August and I am checking prices every week – only waiting for a cheep offer. ;-)

  4. Hi San,
    I am so jelous, wish I could go home for Xmas.
    I think that is an excellent price for the ticket, considering you are flying during the Xmas season and didn’t book alot earlier…
    I hope you have a wonderful Xmas in Germany and will enjoy the time with your family…
    Merry Xmas,
    Susanne in Texas
    How did you manage to get that much time off?
    wow,3,5 weeks? I am sooooooo jelous…lol

  5. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me! Well done! One just needs to have a bit of ice in the stomach as they say here! 3,5 weeks wooohooo! And I can’t wait to meet you guys!

  6. Looks like I am not the only one who booked a transatlantic flight yesterday, hehe. I booked mine to NYC yesterday for March! (I am not so much of a player.) Paid $485 for a non-stop flight to NYC (EWR there, JFK back).
    Have fun in Germany. :)

  7. yessss! about time, girl! i am SO happy for you. *quickcalculation* so you’ll actually still be in germany when we come back!? time for a stop in bremen??? :) *smoochies*

  8. Good price! I had such a difficult time finding anything, but that’s because I can only fly two airlines and can only do one stopover max when I take the dog with me….and for Christmas, my parents demand seeing the dog. LOL

  9. Yay! Good for you. I am excited too. I have so much to do before we leave. Ugh! Going crazy with school work. Oh well. I am excited for you as well.

  10. 3.5 weeks.. I am jealous.

  11. First of all…I didn’t know you lived in Sacramento…I used to live in Stockton (not that that’s anything to brag about…hehehe!)

    Second…YES, will you still be blogging???
    I’m on pins and needles…

  12. Kristi and Carolina… thanks for being so excited for me, and OF COURSE I’ll still be blogging from Germany! Absolutely!!

    Katelin… unfortunately I won’t be able to come to the blogger meetup. So sad :(

    Steffi… I usually use to look for flights. I also checked the website, but ultimately booked through

    Susanne… when was your last visit home? I pretty much saved up ALL my annual leave, plus overtime to be able to go for 3,5 weeks. Fortunately, my boss is very flexible in that regard!

    Ante… I am looking forward to meeting you too!!!

    Viviane… That’s great that you booked your flight, too! :)

    Kim…When exactly will you be back in Germany? I was thinking that I could stop by on my way back from Berlin, but I think you won’t be back then … :(

    Ulli… why can you only fly two airlines (which ones?)

    Justin… Oh, I an imagine how excited you must be!!

    Susi… Why didn’t you stay a little longer??

  13. Oh yay that is awesome!!!! I’m leaving in 6 days and will be gone for 3.5 weeks, too but I paid much more!!!!

    Enjoy the countdown (I’m a tad bit stressed out to be honest… ;-))

  14. YEAH so that means we will definitely see you right? haha. oh me so excited!!!! gosh that’s a lot of money, but then you are flying from CA and not CT. So I guess that is a good deal. :) So excited love!!! celebrate!!!!

  15. Oh I am so happy for you, San. I am going to Germany too. Probably in February. I just found out that the one male that Anneliese isn’t related to and was breedable, was neutered! Crap! So off I go to Germany. I think there is a good kennel near Potsdam with some handsome boy dackels that Anneliese can chose from!

  16. that’s how m and i do it usually. we never book longer than 2 weeks in advance. and the deal sounds sweet. so let’s plan on a date, girl.

  17. Yay! So excited for you!

  18. Mmm, so jealous, but so happy for you at the same time! Guess I need to get your holiday card in the mail, eh?

  19. 3.5 weeks?? how in the world did you get that much time off? do we live in the same country? im confused. anyway, that is fantastic, i am happy for you and jealous!! :)

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