Need I say more?

Flight Reservation

That was the cheapest flight I could find… but, whatever.
I’ll be going home. Yay!

  1. I am so happy for you. Looks like I may be going on another cruise in November to celebrate my 50th birthday!

  2. Oh yay, that’s awesome!

  3. Oh wow, THAT’S expensive.
    I want to start looking for flights to the USA for next year July in the next weeks. The earlier you book, the cheaper the tickets are.
    (Or at least I hope so,…)


  4. YAY! not to the price but to the trip! YAY!
    AND 11 days! we have GOT TO get together! *smooches*

  5. wow, that’s a price, huh?:-( i hope i would be on my feet to maybe hook up at least for a coffee or so. since we couldn’t make it last time. but of course time is short.

  6. wow – well, don’t think about it. Your sister is having a first baby just once.

  7. crazy money, but i would have done the same. if i would have that kind of money that is. haha.

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