It wasn’t meant to be.

Damn. What a nail-biter. The game between Germany and Spain, that is.
I had so been looking forward to the European Championship final yesterday. It seemed like everything was possible for Germany after the incredible game against Portugal and the last-minute win over Turkey.
But yesterday, it was just not meant to be.

Spain just deserved the title more this time around. Their first major title in 44 years. Well, I guess it was overdue then… and the spaniards were just quicker, more alert yesterday.
Although, I still think the referee sucked.

It was kind of cool to be able to watch the game live… and from what I read across the Internet, some of my fellow Germans here did the same thing. Good for you! We need to keep up some German pride over here :) I hope I am still allowed to pout a little bit… even though our team just simply didn’t deserve to win.

What kind of game watcher are you? Do you sit still and cheer or grieve in silence? Do you jump up and down, tear at your hair and bury your face?

I am the latter.

I can’t sit down if I am emotionally attached to a team [which really only happens for a championship or something like that]. I was jumping on the couch, collapsing on the couch, hiding behind it… the whole shebang. Oh yeah, and I swear, too. Occasionally.
It must have been pretty funny though.  J can probably tell you all about it :)

  1. Naw, I’m one of those relaxed watchers. We did watch the game and we were rooting for Germany, but…Oh well.

  2. Definitely a relaxed watcher as well.
    I am attached to the team when it comes to an EU Championship, but not that much.
    It was funny to watch the others though. ;-)
    Robert totally freaked out and shouted around, his Mom was swearing and everybody went crazy.
    I enjoyed watching them and had my fun. :-)

  3. well, i am pretty emotional when it comes to watching soccer. since mike and i decided to watch the game downtown the emotions were cooking, as you can imagine. but i guess they didn’t have the same will to win then the spanish ones and i agree they deserved it. still a shame.

  4. definitely the nail-biter-hair-ripper. or alternatively the head-in-Cs-shoulder-burier…

    man, what a game. yes, spain played better but it’s not like we didn’t have any chances at all…

    oh well, congrats to spain, they deserve the title. and for us, that just means the next step up will be the world championship title in two years. :)

  5. PS: and with his bonus points for the team with the top scorer at least C brought home 30% of the pot :) and i think you would have had a real chance if you hadn’t forgotten to put in your bonus-bets. you were doing real good! *smoochie*

  6. Oh I am a up and down jumper, flag swinger und screamer. And behind the blanket hider when it is not going well. Tell me about it.

  7. haha. well all my nails are gone. does that tell you enough? ;) i also gave up hope pretty early… man i wish you guys could come camping with us. that would have been so much fun!!!! next time, ok? :(

  8. hey sweety. yes watched the game also and i am the same watcher like you are.haha screaming, cursing, yelling and the list goes on..this was me during EM 2008. thankfully the em is over because i think i couldnt take just one more game.haha
    by the way new blog:


  9. Yes, the referee SUCKED!!!!! What an idiot! ;-) We would have totally won if he’d been better. ;-)

  10. listened to nkothb new song ‘summertime’ for the first time and had to think about you ;)

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