German Speakers of S

We joined a German meetup group a few weeks ago and we had our first meeting last night. I was really thrilled that someone had finally started a new German meetup group here. I was hoping to meet some new people, possibly Germans :)
There was a huge response for this meetup group and 17 people had RSVP’ed YES for last night’s meeting. It ended up being “only” 9 of us, but I think that was a decent size for a first meeting.

We got coffee at Starbucks and then sat outside and just introduced each other and chatted about anything and everything. It was great! There were 6 Americans and 3 Germans. The Americans all really made an effort to speak in German the whole time. I thought that was awesome, because you tend to easily slip back into your native language when conversation becomes to difficult. But those guys really made an effort to live up to our group’s name “German speakers of S”.

I think this is going to be a fun group! We’re planning to meet about twice a month and I am already looking forward to our next meeting.

  1. That’s great, San!!

    They have meetings here, too, but due to my job and also getting married at a German church we are in contact with a lot of Germans.

  2. The other 8 were probably Americans too because we always say we will show up somewhere and don’t. Haha. Glag you found a group… Germans love to talk.

  3. Oh thats great. I would like to have that here too. But I am too lazy to open one up, so I have you over here for my own “german meetup”. Love you

  4. That’s wonderful! I hope you enjoy the Gemutlichkeit shared in a group like this.
    (Please tell me I go this word right?)

  5. sounds great. i’m glad you met some nice people ;)

    PS: have a GREAT TIME with I for the next few days!

  6. hey that’s great. i am sure that is fun. tell us more about it:-)

  7. i cant believe my husband commented before I did. haha. Oh so cool that you found that group. I should look for something like that here, or start one. :) glad you had a great time!!

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