I have a sweet tooth

october 7, 2006 - day 16

I picked up my parents Friday night at the airport. They spent a wonderful week in Barcelona, Spain. The photos are amazing. I wish I could have gone with them.
Saturday morning, my Mom went shopping and later I helped her baking for Sunday. We had relatives and friends over to celebrate my Mom’s birthday.

I love baking. We first baked a marble cake [recipe here] and I got to lick out the bowl with the batter. Yum!
Then we also baked a plum tart and friends also brought apple pie for Sunday afternoon.
I really have a sweet tooth. I love having coffee and pie with whipped cream or cake. I ate three pieces yesterday, because I had to try them all :)

I think I’ll go and have some more right now :)

  1. Ohh Sandra.. I’m just like you. I love cake and in very big need of it right now. Tomorrow I have to get a chocolate muffin. (the best is from 7-11)

    Glad you’re writing in english so I can understand what you’re writing. My german is really bad :op

  2. I love this picture of you!!!

  3. this pic is GREAT! Miss you hun!

  4. The picture is awesome.

    There’s just something about delicious baked goods. Mmmm.

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