Reasons to love him

With all the chaos going on in our lives, I just recently told you that I wouldn’t be able to get my designated “birthday present” for a little while.

J knows that I want the DSLR really badly. Even though it is a pretty expensive little toy, I know he would like to go out and buy it for me in a heartbeat.
Unfortunately, with no income of his own, he can’t do that right now.

We do have a little bit of savings and I could probably scrape money together to get it right away as I had planned after my birthday. But with all the crazy stuff going on in our lives, I decided to wait. We did have some unexpected expenses and I am too much of a “security freak” to spend most of our savings on something that I desperately want, but do not really need right now.
I have a nearly brandnew point-and-shoot-camera [which I picked up yesterday. Yay!] and a high-end video camera with photo mode. I really can’t complain, but J obviously thinks that I still deserve my wish to be granted.

So what does a desperate man do?
He offhandedly decides to sell one of his reverb amplifiers [of which he has three].

Now, that might not seem like a big deal to you, but let me assure you, that is a very big deal for J. Selling one of the amps means that he is finally letting go of “What Generation”.
Don’t get me wrong – he still wants to sing and find a band, but he finally realizes that it won’t happen with A and that there is no reason for him to keep three guitar amplifiers.

After he sold it, he put the money in an envelope, wrote “Banne’s camera” on it [that’s my nickname – don’t ask me where it came from :)] and handed it to me with a big smile of satisfaction on his face.

I was flabbergasted not having expected anything like this.
If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is…

  1. That is so beautiful! What a sweet guy!!!

  2. How sweet! Welcome to the DLR Generation ;)

  3. That is really sweet of him! I’m looking forward to see what you can do with the dslr :-D

  4. Awww, my eyes got all teary! Making sacrifices -and I can very well imagine how big a sacrifice this must have been – that’s love!

  5. That is one of the sweetest things ever. :)
    I am happy for you and hope you’ll enjoy the DSLR! :)

  6. You found yourself a really good guy, but I think you already know that. :) What a sweet thing to do for the one you love.

  7. man, i’m all teared up here. that is THE SWEETEST thing ever! so does this mean you will get your toy now? i am BEYOND happy for you.

    please give J a BIG, FAT smooch from me. also, long weekend for me = phone-date?

  8. AWWW so awesome! what a great husband you have! so happy for you! you so deserve it!! love ya girl and tell j he is awesome!

  9. That is so sweet! What a man!

  10. hey that is love right there, huh? i am sure how touched you were in that moment. so have fun fullfilling your wish:-)

  11. Wow, thats sooo great! You are a very happy with woman wth such a man on your side!!
    Enjoy your new toy and make great pics from your new flat with it for us. ;-)

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