SPF: “towels”

I haven’t really had the time to participate in Kristine’s SPF since she revived it a couple of weeks ago, but today I thought I would participate, just because the theme fitted so well with one of my recent purchases [for our new place-to-be].

Kitchen towels.

You really can’t have enough kitchen towels [not that I really buy them that often, but…]. And aren’t those pretty?


Did you play?

  1. Very nice colors, I love burgundy.
    I played.

  2. yay, you’re back! that red is totally my favorite red. me likey ;)

  3. Ohhh I love that red. :) Are those the ones you mentioned in the comment on my blog, or do you also want to buy new regular towels? You know, I’m looking forward to see what your new place looks like.

  4. I likey you played!! Yes, we will yank you into the habit of playing. ;)

  5. yes, they are pretty.

  6. One can never have too many kitchen towels IMHO.

    I played

  7. OMG I totally missed that Nina is pregnant!!! How exciting! So happy to hear you will be an aunt!!! Smoochie!

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