Old acquaintances…

On Tuesday night, I met with Claudia and Stoyan again, as well as another old acquaintance from back when we lived in Davis. Scott used to be our neighbor at your first Davis apartment and he had also been a member of our bookclub for a while.
I hadn’t seen, talked or emailed with him in ages and when Claudia told me back in February that she was still in contact with him [since they were both attending the same online class at San Jose State University], she suggested to get together sometime. I thought it was a fabulous idea.
Said and done.

We first met at Scott’s place and after a quick chat walked to a Mexican restaurant for some yummy dinner. It was really nice to catch up after such a long time.
The funny thing is, now that I am up here, everybody seems to be moving away. I really have bad timing with people.
My friend Ilka [from my hometown in Germany] returned to Germany, shortly after I had started my job here last fall. Claudia and Stoyan will be moving to Denmark in about a month, because Stoyan applied for a postdoc-position and was accepted and Scott is planning to move to Chicago this summer.
It really is too bad. It was kind of nice to think that there were a few acquaintances close by to hang out with occasionally.
I guess we’re back to the “How to make new friends” – game.

Anyone good at that game?

  1. It’s always hard. Too bad that everybody is moving away. I’m gonna stick around though ;).

  2. finding people to hang out with and do stuff in your free time is a piece of cake. finding real friends however is rare and takes time. do you have any german clubs in sacramento?

  3. @ susi… i figured ;)

    @ steffi… no, no german club in sacramento. unfortunately! maybe some other meetup groups. we’ll see.

  4. Have to agree with Steffi completely!
    When I was still studying it was always easy to make real friends, but now it’s a whole different story…and when you finally find real friends they are moving away…Same thing happened to me more than once! Don’t give up!

  5. just fly in your friends every once in a while, that’s what i think ;) *hint hint* :D

    also, i wanna move to chicago, too! *smooches*

    are you working today? phone date later? ??

  6. that sucks that everybody is moving away. but i am pretty sure you will find other people to be friends with soon. i guess l.a. was just too big.have a great weekend

  7. Sach ma, wie gehts denn deiner Schwester mit ihrer Schwangerschaft und so? Kannst du sie denn nicht besuchen? Planst du zur Geburt drüben zu sein?

  8. Don’t stop believing. (From what I can say, you really seem to be a very interesting and nice person, San) In the end what you most desire comes when it’s at least expected.
    I believe in occasionally trying out new things (like setting up a band, joining a sports team or bookclub or whatever you feel like). And being brave- show who you are and take a risk.

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