If someone could explain Facebook to me, I would really appreciate it. I am a little overwhelmed and frankly confused by all the hugging, gift-giving, drink-giving, quizz-requesting and such.
I usually only check my Facebook site if I get an email saying that I had a new message [or to play Scrabulous :)], but last weekend I noticed that I had 187 requests/notifications that I wasn’t even aware of! WTF!
Are you guys on top of your requests and notifications? Please tell me you’re not or you’ll make me feel really really bad. Who the hell has time for this?

To be honest, I find the site poorly organized and have a hard time finding my way around. I am not even sure that I like it.
Does anyone else feel that way?

  1. i honestly have no idea who has time for this crap. i am pretty confused by it too. and it’s always the same people that send you these stupid requests, i am really sick of clicking IGNORE over and over again. my “friends” are spamming me!!! i think im gonna delete my account.

  2. Hier! Hier!

  3. I have to agree – it is very disorganized! All what I keep track of, is my scrabble game against you (haha) and I like to write in my status.

  4. Feel just the same. I had signed up once to see Susis pics but I’m never even checking the site because it’s just getting too much!

  5. same here. i just saw all those requests the other day as well – WAY too much. and i agree, it’s kinda confusing the way they set things up… oh well, i’m not there much and i don’t mind all the unanswered requests…

    i like staying in touch with friends that way AND i actually found “my kids” from my au-pair-year a while back and like to see what they’re doing… :)

  6. i deleted a lot of shit, that automatically shows up on that page. there are some things that were fun. but most of the stuff i didn’t even have time to know how you play it. i am the same, i check facebook, when someone leaves me a message. and sometimes i had the feeling, like you, to return someones hug or something. but i totally agree that i don’t have time for all that.

  7. Ditto! I actually deleted my account, which took time and several letters, because it became a nightmare!

  8. YES! All of my friends LOVE it, but I am still skeptical. Though I will say that once I got over the guilt of ignoring requests, it’s a lot less overwhelming. Just pick and choose what you want on your page and don’t be afraid to delete stuff. I like staying in touch with people so that’s why I’ve kept my account. But don’t give in to the pressure to have every sports team/quiz/gift application on your page — too much! :)

  9. I just delete those request. Would love to play scraboulus though. I am off to research that. :D

  10. hehe this entry made me laugh out loud because today i absolutely thought the same!! it is C R A Z Y ! that s why i hardly check it…

  11. I’m a little too on top of my ‘requests’. I spend far too much time on Facebook. BUT, it is a usefuly way to keep in touch with people.

    Where Facebook is concerned, I’m a purist (if you can call it that!) and end up ignoring a lot of the requests. In particular, I have an uncle that asks me to join all sorts of things, and it really gets annoying…

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