Uh, I am so excited

Hey everyone,

how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, I have to say. We started off with a lazy Friday night. We got some pizza for dinner and watched the NBA Playoffs. It’s going to be a really tight race between the semi-finalists. San Antonio and Seattle and Dallas and Phoenix are fighting hard to win the Playoff Series. Both semi-finals are tied at 2-2.

Saturday I went sticker shopping. Cathy introduced me to this yahoo swap group and I signed up for a sticker swap, so that meant I had to go and get tons of stickers! It was so much fun!! :) I already sent off the first sticker sets to people!

Later that afternoon I went grocery shopping with Jon, because we had invited Claudia and Stoyan over. The weather was really really nice on Saturday (close to 85°F/29°C) and I was wearing my shorts and flipflops and we had decided it’s time for the first BBQ of the summer :) (we already had our first BBQ of the year sometime back in February *lol*).
I got lots of vegetables and prepared shish kebab (that’s what they call “meat & vegetable skewers” here – I used pieces of meat, onion, bell pepper, zucchini, mushrooms and tomatoes). I also prepared a “Bavarian potato salad”, which was my first time, but it turned out really well. It’s just that the potatoes here are driving me nuts! I was looking for the words “mehlig”and “festkochend” in the dictionary and I found “mealy” and “waxy” potatoes (I hope these are the right words).
Well, for potato salad you need waxy potatoes (which I haven’t really found here anywhere), because otherwise the potatoes will just fall apart after cooking and there is no way to slice them for potato salad. It still tasted very good though.

And now the big news: Sunday morning I checked my bank account online (which I always do once in a while) and guess what? They U.S. Treasury had deposited my tax refund!!!!!!!!!!! *yay* :) I couldn’t believe my eyes. They actually deposited it on Friday, which makes Friday, the 13th a lucky day for me from now on :) and the best part is: I got all my money back AND I didn’t pay a stupid tax adviser to do my return, which means I saved another $200+ by doing it myself!
Girls, it’s notebook time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After cleaning up the apartment and doing the laundry (which was really necessary – we hadn’t done it in almost two weeks!), we went to the Dell store in Roseville. Well, it turned out to be one of these “mobile stations” within a mall, but they had some notebooks to look at and try out. we also talked to one of the guys (who got a little annoyed, I think, because I was asking so many “dumb” questions *lol* – no, just kidding, he was actually really nice!) and I think we have settled for the Dell Inspiron 6000 :)

Jon was going kind of crazy and actually wanted to get one with an even bigger screen, but I think that 15.4″ are enough and I still want it to be portable (and it’s MY notebook anyways ;))

I am soooooooo excited. We’re probably going to order it today (!) and I hope the shipping won’t take too long. I am so impatient now :)
I am going to keep you posted *lol*

Love ya all!

  1. hey sweetie,
    that notebool looks gorgeous. i am so excited for you. about the weekend and all of the other crap we talked already yesterday. was nice talking to you on the phone lately. and i hope you were feeding your darling…*lol* the poor thing.
    love ya like crazy

  2. Yay new stuff!!? I love buying techie stuff!!? I’m looking into a smaller digital camera.? :)? Well it sounds like you had a lovely and relaxing weekend.? Yum….BBQ…(*drool*)….I think red potatoes are what you may have been looking for.? Not that it matters b/c your salad came out yummy!?
    It is indeed getting warmer.? Stupid weather alert said it was going to rain today so I’m wearing a turtleneck sweater and I’m DYING!!!? So hot!!? Thankfully it’s almost five and the wind is picking up a bit.? Hahaha!!? Hope you had a good one.? :)

  3. *screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam**doing a happy dance*
    you made my day, girl!!!!!! {v} {v} {v}
    hope your new notebook arrives very soon…sooner as soon *lol* messengaer, i am coming *hihi*

  4. lol you must have made Sanni REALLLY excited since she did her happy dance twice lmao
    I am also happy for you – its truly awesome hun :-) now you can watch tv in bed like Sanni does lmao….
    ps I see that the IRS got my letter about the troubles they gave you over your tax return that they made up for it with a quick refund lmao….
    Love ya and miss ya likle crazy
    116 sleeps to go
    {v} ya

  5. JAY! so when’s the baby gonne come now? this is cool. and you can bring it when you come in JULY!!! i’m happy everything worked out for you tax-wise and all the stress payed off. ya…

  6. @ Cathy: just can´t stop happy dancing *lmao* :-D

  7. so now we are 3 in the notebook club. who else wants to join,girlz????

  8. i want one, too. but my tax refund is about 11,53 euro and i won’t get anywhere with that :-D but i’d LOVE TO have one.. well, one day i’m sure and i certainly don’t resent sannie for her’s. it’s way deserved ;-)

  9. oh Thanks heaps Ilka – make me feel even MORE jealous lmao

  10. Thanks girls for being so excited for me but you can’t be half as excited as?I am…?I can’t stop talking about it…?I am checking the order status every few hours *lol* and the waiting is just driving me up the wall…
    @Cath: I didn’t know you wrote a letter to the IRS to put in some good words for me *lmao* thanks so much, it worked! and hey, I hope you can join the “club” some time.
    @Sanni: keep on dancing, girl
    @ Kim: I am definitely going to bring the “baby” when I come in July I hope I’ll have it in about 2-3 weeks… depends on the shipping date.
    @ Ilka: it was great talking to you!

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