What’s been up with me

Hi I am back… finally! I know it’s been a few days and I apologize!
Here’s my weekend update…

Friday I went to the Bookclub. We met at Delta of Venus, a very “hip” little coffeeshop in Davis. They usually serve some exotic cuisine and this time it was “Caribbean”. Since I didn’t have time to eat before, I ordered a Coconut Curry Stew… which was delicious, but sooo expensive. It was $8.50 for a small bowl! WTF!
Anyways, we sat down in a quiet corner – which was Scott, Rachel, Antonia and I. We had a nice talk, but we couldn’t stay too long since they started playing music around 9:30 pm and it was so loud that we couldn’t talk anymore. We went outside and went for a little walk.
I left at 10:00 pm because I had promised Jon to be back early to watch some more Sex and the City :)

That’s what we did and later we watched some more TV and talked… and all of a sudden it was almost 5:00 am in the morning! I was blown away how fast time goes when you’re having a good time :)

Saturday we slept in pretty late and at 2:30 pm went out for a late breakfast at Bakers Square :) I just love it! Then we went to the Mall because I needed to get a birthday present for my cousin (he’s turning 14 on Friday! Can you believe it?). I also got a new belt (really nice with little punched stars) and some stuff for my hair!

In the evening we watched another episode of SATC (now we’re done with the first DVD of the 2nd season!) – and honestly, J is even more crazy about that show than I am!! :)

Sunday I already woke up at 10:00 am and decided to use my messengers for a while… talked to Sanna ;-), Ilka and my aunt for a while, which was fun! I don’t get to do that too often… Sunday is the only day I can catch people online!

Around noon the phone rang and it was … Alicia!! :) It was great to talk to her… it’s been two months! She sounded real happy, just complained about the freaking cold temperatures in Germany!! Oh well, that’s the German winter! ;)

J also talked to both Andi and Alicia for about 2 hours… yeah, they had a lot of catching up to do!!

In the afternoon we went to Mel’s Diner to have burger/sandwich… honestly, our meal schedule was totally messed up last weekend! We only had one big meal a day and I don’t know if this is really healthy… you know, going to bed late, waking up late and then being really, really hungry!
Later we went to TARGET to get some scrapbooking stuff… Kim had told me that she got some really cool stationaries in Chicago and they had the same deal here… really cool stickers and paper for $1 each! Awesome!

From there we went shopping at Trader Joe’s and I realized that some items are a lot less expensive there than in the supermarket… (e.g. 8oz mushrooms $1.39 instead of $.199) I mean, you can really save a lot of money, if you buy items at the right place! :) So I wrote a little list of which items we’re going to buy where…

We got back home around 6:00 pm and started cleaning up the apartment, doing the laundry and all that stuff… and watched some basketball on TV. The Kings played the Washington Wizards and it was such an exiting game… it was really close until the last minute and the Kings won 110:108. :)
Since we got stuck with basketball, we didn’t have time to watch “The Notebook” Sunday night – but we watched it Monday night. When I got home, I made a big salad for dinner and then we snuggled up on the couch!
Guys, I LOVED that movie… it was awesome!
I’ve heard from many people that it’s totally different from the book – but I don’t agree. In fact, I think it’s really close to the book and they did a really great job adapting it! It was such a wonderful movie… so emotional and romantic (but not kitschy at all!).

I really liked the characters, too, and the actors were carefully picked!

I really recommend that movie to everyone!! Watch it! (BTW, J liked it very much too – so it is a movie ALSO for guys!! ;))

Oh yeah, and then I talked to my sister yesterday… she’ll be getting internet pretty soon (yeah, I know what you think… “What? She didn’t have internet so far?”… that’s what I thought and that’s why my parents and I are giving it to her for our birthday next week :) good plan, isn’t it??) I am so excited!

Catch you later :)

  1. Well, Jon also loves SATC, so I’m not sure if you can savely recommend anything that he likes to normal guys. ;-) :-D ROFL *teases Sannie*
    Your weekend sounds great, especially the talking to Sanna part – I enjoyed that one very much! How awesome also, that you and Jon can stay up all night and talk. That is really great!

  2. very nice marsha-stuard-skills about the shopping-list, girl :-D you rock ;-) no seriously, i should get better about that stuff. it’s just that without a car a lot of times i really don’t feel like riding my bike from one store to the next to get the cheapest deal everywhere.. so i tend to be lazy about it and pay a little more.. *sigh*C and i watched the movie while i was there as well and he liked it, too. so it’s not a girly-movie really ;-)*hugs* {v}

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