I am shocked

I assume most of you read or heard the news yesterday. Heath Ledger is dead.

That somehow moved me deeply.

I am not even a big fan of his, but I really ADORED his last movie “Brokeback Mountain” and when I, totally unexpectedly, learned of his death yesterday, I couln’t help but think how fragile life is. It somehow bothers me if someone dies so young.

As of now, according to the latest news, it wasn’t even suicide, but rather an accidental death caused by stress-induced self-medicating with sleeping pills.
It really is a loss for the acting world. I think he could have become an icon. Or maybe that is what he’ll be now anyways.

  1. Yes, it is a tragedy that this happened to him. So young, so full of hope for the future, plans unfulfilled. Sometimes it seems the brightest stars burn out the fastest.

  2. I know, I posted it on my site as soon as I found out. Its so tragic, there was this other guy that recently died in his early twenties last week. I am still shocked and I feel bad for his little daughter and his family. Life is very fragile, thats why we should live every second to the fullest.

  3. I was so shocked when I found out. Thought it was a bad joke but unfortunatly it isn´t. I loved all his movies! He was an amazing actor! What a tragic accident! Poor Michelle and Mathilda!

  4. i was as shocked as you to read this on the internet. i mean he was so young, leaves a 2 year old kid and was a great actor, i think. and i mean 28 and he wasn’t in the hollywood factory for too long and it already destroyed him. that shows how sick this whole filmindustry is and how much it affects a young persons life. his poor parents and his poor daughter.

  5. it’s always sad to see someone loose their life at that young age. i think this case is especially sad because he has a young daughter and i’m sure it’s horrible for michelle williams as well – even though they weren’t together any more… he just didn’t seem to be too deep into the hollywood-thing and kinda down to earth… it’s horrible…

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