In which I will continue the never-ending story of the Postal Service and me

Remember my post about my most recent dispute with the Postal Service?

Yeah, so I followed up with a letter to the Consumer Advocate’s Office in order to ask for an exception for a late acceptance of an International Inquiry request.

I received a letter back, stating that they would not be able to grant my request, because the package that is lost now contained things that I was not supposed to send to Germany and that it was the responsibility of the customer to comply with Customs rules of foreign countries.


a) What does the content of the package have anything to do with the fact that they freakin’ lost my package and that they don’t want to pay for the insurance amount that I purchased?

b) I did inquire about the legitimacy of sending what I sent, but the policies were not really clear (and what I sent was prescprition-free), so the final sentence convinced me that I was just going to give it a try: ” In case of any doubts as to the permissibility of the importation of medicine the competent medicine control authorities shall be consulted. Medicine which is prohibited entry shall be either destroyed or must be re- exported .

The Custom people decided to re-export it (which I can prove with a statement of theirs).

One of the last sentences of the Consumer Advocate Office’s letter said that their  “office is the final level of postal authority concerning international claim appeals”, which translates to me into “there’s nobody else higher up that you could write to, so you’d better give up right now”.
But as you might already guess correctly:  they’re barking up the wrong tree. I am not easily intimidated like that.

If I hadn’t inquired about my package over and over and over again at the post office, now that would be a completely different story. But I did inquire and I wasn’t given the correct information from the beginning.

So I sent a letter back, making clear that I was not going to accept their decision and that I thought it to be outrageous how they treat their paying customers!
If they don’t want to pay the insured amount – fine! Then they should find my package, or at least, initiate an International inquiry as a first step – since it was THEIR fault that I didn’t request the inquiry in time.

I haven’t heard anything back in two weeks. I think they’re trying to ignore me now.

  1. I cannot believe the USPS! It is ABSURD that they brush you off as if it’s YOUR fault they didn’t perform their job correctly!

    I’m soooo glad you’re fighting back and I also believe they are now ignoring you. They probably thought you would be satisfied with their bullshit letter they sent you!!

    Keep on them my friend…and keep us posted :)

  2. I’m glad you are doing this. It’s so darn frustrating sending anything over now and to have it “lost” and then not have them cough up the insurance you “paid for” is outrageous!

  3. I am sorry, I just don’t have anything to say to that crap

  4. oh mann. ohne worte *kopfschüttel*

  5. Considering the current state of the USPS, you would think they would do anything they can to keep customers happy with their service!! They are not in a position to lose ANY customers…

    How very frustrating!!

  6. you should sue them;-) ok, ok that would make only sense if you had a shitload of money to be playing around with. i can really understand how furious you must be.

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