It’s always like that before the holidays

The last few days have been c-r-a-z-y at work. I am trying to get some stuff done before I leave and I’ve put in quite a bit of OT. But, who cares when you will be off for about 2,5 weeks and get to see your family in 5 (!) days? :) Not me… that’s right!

I still have a few things to finish up, but my supervisor and one of my co-workers are at a conference for the rest of the week, so today was and tomorrow will be pretty quiet in the office – which I like!

So, I have one work day left and then Friday I’ll run my last errands before the weekend, which I will hopefully spend quietly and privately with J :) It’s been the first time in over a year that we’ll have to be separated again for more than 4 days, but I am pretty sure we can do it. Christmas and family will keep us busy, for sure, and before we know it we’ll be reunited for New Year’s again. I think in the end it’ll all work out :)

  1. You two can do it – two 1/2 weeks is like nothing for you! ;-) “Good packing” cutie!

  2. Yes, here it’s been crazy at the office, too. Everbody wants to use up all money before the year ends, so we have loads of deadlines. But as you say, who cares if you’re soon off for a while! Those 2,5 weeks will fly by and then it’s gonna be all Mit-ness again!

  3. you guys will be fine. i know it. and you’ll be back in crappy weather germany, who wouldn’t be happy about that? :D no seriously, it was great talking again last night and i sure hope we can work out a get-together. if not, i’ll survive of course but it’s gonna be tough ;) give J a smooch and enjoy your weekend together!

  4. oh what a great time you will have with your family! And J will be with his family so all will be well.
    Have a nice German beer for me and a lebkuchen!
    Frohe Weihnachten!

  5. Enjoy your last minute preparations! You’ve gotta be so excited! Yay!

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