Happy St. Nikolaus Day.

Damn, I forgot to put out my boot last night. Do you think that might be the reason why there was no candy and chocolate this morning?

I really have fond memories of the Nikolaus tradition in Germany. My sister and I would always put our boots in front of the entrance door and the next morning we would run downstairs to see the goodies that we got overnight.
When we were really little, it must have been around kindergarten-age, my Grandma kept a big golden book that she gave to Nikolaus, obviously some family member that dressed up with a white beard and a red coat, who read from the book if we had behaved well over the last year. I always had a great respect for Nikolaus, although I never had any reason to be afraid, because I was a very shy and quiet child.
Although, Nikolaus did reprove me sometimes for being timid and always hiding behind my sister. All my memories are very positive ones though and I very much like to reminisce about my childhood :)

I think I am going to go home soon and make some hot chocolate. Hot chocolate perfectly makes up for an empty boot this morning, don’t you think?!

  1. Sorry you missed out on the chocolate. I did too. Oh well, next year we will do it together!

  2. Well, Nikolaus was here, but only Sean and Annika got goodies. He must have been here when I was at the grocery store – too bad. Maybe next year. ;-)

  3. lol. man nothing in my boots eiher. how sad. :( how was the hot chocolate?

  4. Mmmh Nikolausi missed our house as well this year :-(
    I guess he was too stressed ;-)

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