It’s our anniversary… again!

Today is our 3rd Anniversary. Gee, I seriously can’t believe it’s been 3 years since our beautiful wedding in Germany. Attending Susi’s wedding reception on Monday definitely brought back some memories of our own wedding with friends and family as well. It really doesn’t feel like it’s been three years, our reception is present in my memory as if it was yesterday! We had such a good time and considering that our whole celebration already lasted around 15 hours, from the ceremony at 3 p.m. until going to bed at 6 a.m., I still feel it could have been longer.
Also, on a side note: I would love to wear my wedding dress again. It’s too bad that you only get to wear it once for such a short time ;)

I thought I would share a picture from our special day.

The last two years, we always went out to dinner on our anniversary.
Today, we’ll probably stay at home, cook something nice and watch a movie. We decided that we’re going to treat ourselves to a weekend in Santa Monica in June, so we weren’t planning on anything fancy for today, but that’s alright with me.
I love cozy evenings on the couch :)

  1. You were (still are) a beautiful bride! Do you have more pictures of your wedding on Flickr?

  2. The dress is beautiful! Enjoy your day and the weekend in Santa Monica! Happy anniversary!

  3. Hey – happy anniversary! You look just beautiful (and so happy) in that picture – I LOVE the heart balloons!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!

  5. happy anniversary! you two look so happy!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! The picture of you two is great!
    You look so beautiful.
    Hope you had a good evening.

  7. Happy Anniverary to You! You are such a beautiful couple and look so stunning in this pic!
    Time flies, doesn’t it? Soon it’s our first Anniversary, too! Enjoy!

  8. happy belated anniversary, and i also can’t believe it’s 3 years. damn time friggin flies. i really loved being part of your big day and being part of making a beautiful bride. and the party was great. hope you 2 enjoyed your cozy night at home.

  9. happy anniversary sandra!! you two look gorgeous! as always!

  10. yeah! nice picture! :) how was the salmon??? knuffel

  11. Congratulations on your anniversay!! You and J are sooo gorgeous…lovely picture!!
    Oh…and can I come to Santa Monica too…hahahaha…JKJKJK!!!

  12. Happy anniversary!! Did you wear your dress last night? Maybe that’s the reason why you stayed home… haha…

  13. Awww, what a beautiful picture! Congratulations on your third anniversary. :] & I can see why you would want to wear your dress again; it’s gorgeous!

  14. happy (belated) anniversary from me, too. <3 it really was a great day and i’m glad to have shared it with you. to many, many more happy years together! :)

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