How sick does one have to be?

This is actually going to refer to the actual meaning of the word “sick”, not as in “you’re a sick person for behaving like that” or something ;)

We watched “SiCKO”, the latest Michael Moore-documentary, a little while ago. I missed to see it at the movie theaters and wanted to see it for a long time. It finally was available on Netflix and I got it.

Man, that film was scary. I knew that the health care system in the US kinda sucks, but I had no idea that it is so bad. Some of the cases that were portrayed in this documentary were just mind-boggling.
People, somewhat well-off, lost house and home because of urgently needed cancer treatment and had to move in with their daughter, a 22-year old girl was denied treatment for cervical cancer because she was considered “too young” for that kind of illness and a husband and dad was denied cancer treatment because the treatment recommended by the doctor was denied by the health insurance as “not necessary” and/or “experimental”.
Some people actually died because they were denied any treatment or partial treatment by their health insuranc companies.

The US are the only, wealthy, industrialized nation that does not have a universal health care system. This really is beyond me.
I am not trying to offend anyone, but why do Americans so stubbornly cling to the belief that nothing can be regulated by the government, but every decision should remain in the hands of each individual person?
Life is not fair, will never be fair and to look out for the old, poor and sick should be the priority of every society.

I recommend you go and watch it.

  1. Since I have a preexisting condition I am stuck paying one of the highest premiums ever. It sucks! I think Health Care Reform is long over due!

  2. I missed watching it in the movie theater too – and I wanted to watch it for a long time. Maybe on the weekend!

  3. I was wanting to see that movie for so long, here it’s still on at the movies. The healthcaresystem is one of the bad parts of the US, no doubt. But here some scary things go through the media, too. A swedish boy that had first gotten treatment for his Hunter’s in Germany and was helped by it, can’t continue with the treatment in Stockholm, because it costs the hospital a Million $ each year. That boy is doomed to death even though there is treatment out there. They say the condition is too rare…imao the total amount spent on those cases wouldn’t be that big either then and the individual’s life should be worth it.

  4. i gotta rent it! yeah i cannot believe it either. my friends mom was realized out of the hospital with bad internal injuries because her insurance was not good enough. its just crazy!!

  5. I’m am in total agreement with you. And the amazing thing is, so are most Americans — at least my circle of family and friends. In fact, I know people who have lost almost everything to pay for cancer care.

    However, this country is not ruled by “the people, for the people.” It is ruled by the monied and the elite (why, look who is in the White House).

    Can you tell this touched a nerve with me. It makes me feel so angry — and so powerless.

  6. And ha! Like the category name, too!

  7. I watched the movie the other week and hell, am I happy for the german system.
    I dont get why the US gov doesnt change anything either, but I guess no one with a pretty good health system (like ours) can…

  8. i wasn’t able to see this documentary also. but i can only agree that it is pretty sad for an idustrial country like the us not being able to solve this problem. but i spoke to so many americans and they weren’t up to pay more taxes or the sozialabgaben like we do in germany. they thought no higher taxes would make it. and we all know, being healthy is a gift. and you never know what life has prepared for you. i am happy i live in a country where i can go and see a doc when i need to, eventhough it got worse here, but still not to compare to us circumstances. sad, very sad.

  9. Scahahary! Yikes!

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