Monthly recap | October


October was busy and reading was slow. I finished one book. 


I tried a new ravioli dish that we liked okay but isn’t necessarily worth sharing. However, I did bake a nice apple pie for Jon’s birthday that we both loved. It was delicious and I’ll have to share the recipe in a future post.


We watched the season finales of ‘Before the 90-days’ and ‘90-days – The Other Way’ because it’s just the brainless TV I need at the end of a long day.

I also watched a couple of German movies when I was in Germany and a dubbed (*shudder*) version of ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ (the things you’ll do for your niece and nephew! Haha.)


As always, not much new. I listened to a few episodes of  Pod Save America


Of course, we brought back some food items from Germany. I also purchased a couple of birthday gifts for Jon, a TubShroom, more NUUN, and some new Jockey shirts for Jon. I also ordered pair of ankle boots for me online that haven’t arrived yet. I rarely buy shoes online (unless I have previously tried them on somewhere), so I hope these will fit and are somewhat close to what I am expecting IRL.


I ran 25 miles and cycled 48 miles this month. I had good intentions when I was in Germany to go for a run or two, but we got a lot of rain and to be honest, I had other priorities while I was there. That’s how it goes.


+ As you already know, we spent the first half of the month in Germany, surprising my parents for their birthday party! It was the best decision and I still relish every minute that we had with my family.

+ We went to dinner at my favorite pizza place back home and I had the best (I am not exaggerating!) tomato soup and my favorite pizza with tuna. Yum. I also got to eat some Italian yogurt gelato (which is totally different from frozen yogurt) while I was in Germany. 

+ Shortly after our return, we celebrated Jon’s 37 birthday. I baked a birthday (apple) cake and we had a nice and lazy day (as per the birthday boy’s wishes). 

+ I went for my first mammogram ever this month. I guess, I am at that age now. It wasn’t as horrible or painful for me as some women make it out to be. Just one extra preventive care measure that I am happily picking up.

+ I had my performance review at work, my first annual review with my new supervisor. It went very well overall. I am still frustrated with my work situation right now (I don’t have enough work to fill my time), but I am hoping that will change again soon.   

+ I am back to my gym routine. It’s hard to get back into, but it’s always worth it (and necessary, I might add).

+ We’ve been enjoying the first glimpses of fall. Cool nights and mornings, sunny blue skies during the day. We haven’t been impacted by smoke/bad air quality from the fires so far, which – I am crossing my fingers – will hopefully stay this way.

+ My niece turned 11. I still remember when she was a toddler, forming the first hilarious words and sentences, and here she is, sassy and so grown up, and almost on the cusp of puberty. Can someone slow down time, please? 

+ It was my 9-year Instagram-iversary. I can’t believe I’ve been using this platform for almost a decade. When did you post your first Instagram picture? Go look and tell me what it was! (Mine was coffee.)

How was your October?

  1. Omg has instagram been around that long?! So crazy. Also it’s so nuts to me how quickly time passes and I always notice it too when I hear of a friend’s child’s birthday—one of my friend’s sons is as old as your niece and how does that happen!? I just visited him in the hospital yesterday 😩

    Hope your hubby had a very happy birthday and your Apple pie sounds amazing! Recipe please! I just made one too the other day. Mmm!!

  2. Nice job on getting your mammogram! I’m glad it wasn’t as bad as you expected. That’s good to hear!

    I think my first Instagram post is a photo of my mom, hahaha. It’s crazy to look back on what I was posting in the early days (and maybe a little embarrassing! I was definitely oversharing at times, lol).

    Happy November!

  3. I just deactivated my IG profile as I decided to take a little break from social media. I can’t remember how long I’ve been on IG or what I posted first – I’ll have to go back and look when I am back on!

    You had a full month! October was a pretty full month for us since we bought our new house on 10/25. It doesn’t really feel like we bought a house yet, though, since we haven’t moved in. I can’t wait to move in later this month and make it our own!!

  4. Sounds like you had a fun month. I would definitely be interested in hearing about this ravioli dish. I’m always looking for new recipes to try. Hope you have a wonderful November!

  5. What a full and exciting October you’ve had. I only read 3 books this month but finally one that’s been on my TBR since 2013. Wow almost a decade on Instagram. I joined in February 2015 – Europe is so far behind… It was a horrible photo too.

  6. I think you’re awesome for all the working out you do – seriously, I need to up my game just a tiny bit. LOL I really do need to be more active. I’m glad you had a great time in Germany and that Jon had a nice birthday!


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