On Catching up

I am sorry for being absent for a while. I just didn’t feel like blogging and after full three weeks with my parents and cousin and all the adventures we had, it felt like there was not really anything to write about. I know you don’t mind reading the ‘boring every day stuff’ as well [or do you? ;)], but… but…

No but. Just didn’t feel like writing. Period.

J and Aaron had their first public appearance in Santa Monica last weekend. It was fun. Unfortunately, they had decided to just play acoustic this time – which is, when it is cold and windy outside and many people are roaming about and making noise, not the best way to let people hear your full potential, but hey, it was still a good time and they made a few bucks ;)

Friday night, we went to see another band [which J and Aaron have befriended at the studio] perform at a club in Hollywood. Afterwards, we were invited to a party at the bassist’s apartment [also in Hollywood]. It was kind of nice to get out, although I still feel kind of weird about the Hollywood scene. But we thought getting our feet wet wouldn’t hurt ;)

Oh yeah, and on a different note… I had my first-time-ever! telephone-job interview this morning. Damn, was I nervous. I don’t have much experience in the job interview department, if not to say “none”, anyways, but not being able to talk with the committee in person makes you even more nervous. Thankfully, I knew the people that were doing the interview, so it was ok. Obviously, I was kind of relieved when it was over, hence the smile.

july 25, 2007 - day 240

  1. YAY! Hope the questions helped.

  2. I bet you did good!

  3. i’m sure you did great and it was just a formality anyway.

    sending you a big *smooch* hoping you’re fine!

  4. Looks like you did well on the phone! Smoochie!

  5. Did you take this pic during your phone interview? Seems you did really well on it since (it looks like it) you were even able to take a photo. I hope you get the job.

    Gruesslis aus dem Norden!!!

  6. ulli… thanks ulli. you were a great help!

    susi… i hope so ;)

    kim… thanks sweetie. i am feeling much better now.

    sanna… thanks!

    tanja… no! i took the picture AFTER the interview… no person in her right mind would think about taking a photo while talking to a potential employer ;)

  7. cute picture!!! oh gosh i bet you were nervous but i am also sure you did GREAT! when will i see you again???

  8. ive had 2 phone interviews with american companies so far and i must say, i like that much better than interviewing in person, because you can hide your nervousness easier :)

  9. I’ve read this before, why didn’t I comment???

    I am sure the phone interview went well. Great pic!

    I’ll talk to you sometime this weekend.

  10. sweetie, don’t worry if you don’t update for a while. i have only everyday shit to update. so you had some really interesting weeks to update. so don’t worry.
    i am glad you survived your telephone interview. and damn your hair got long sweets. hope you had a nice weekend.

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