What’s YOUR definition of a “good time”?

Last weekend, my definition was ” getting cozy on the couch, watching DVD’s and ordering pizza” :) Yup. That’s what we did for our somewhat “anniversary”. I know nothing fancy, but this is what I think we just needed.

Well, actually, we also went out to dinner Friday night. J picked me up from work at 5:30 p.m. sharp and we had enough time to go out to dinner before we had to head to the airport to catch our flight back to Southern California.

Originally we had planned to go to “Olive Garden” because we hadn’t been there for a while, but we couldn’t get a table. Can someone explain to me please why restaurants don’t take reservations for a ‘table for two’ here?? That really pisses me off.

I mean, we were kinda early for dinner – well, for German standards anyways – but even at 5:30 p.m. there was a 30 minute-wait. WTF? I think the receptionist thought I was a little rude when I told him that 30 minutes are too long of a wait. He probably thought this was pretty “fast” – yeah, but not if you have to be at the airport at a certain time. We definitely didn’t have 30 minutes to spare. So we went “across the street” to “Mimi’s Café” – not a bad idea, if you ask me, because I love that place and they have the best Caesar Salad ever! :) – and had some yummy dinner there…

We made it home by midnight, ran some errands on Saturday morning and besides that we pretty much just enjoyed a lazy weekend and some last summery temperatures ;) Sounds good to me!

  1. good choice, i like mimis cafe too!

  2. My definition of a “good time” is hanging out with good friends and talk through the night.
    Glad you had fun!

  3. sorry, hang out with good friends

  4. Hehe, a day like that was exactely what Jörgen had wished for his Birthday!

  5. that’s what i would call the perfect date. well, besides the drama about reservations in restuarants. you can book a table for 2??? wtf..that would piss me off,too. did people hear about something about a romantic dinner, where you don’t wanna have bunch of ppl around you? lol

  6. for me, there’s many ways to have a good time and probably not one particular definition. always depending on the time and place. it can be the cosy couch night with a DVD and pizza (kinda what we like “nowadays”), or the five hour chat with your best (girl)friend and some good red wine (haven’t had that for wayyyy too long), or a dinner night out with your man where you end up talking until they basically kick you out of the restaurant (those were the times of our first dates), or a bubble bath with a good book and some candles while you hear your man roam around the apartment (that’s the good times after a long distance relationship for you) …

    i think i’m pretty good about making it a good time pretty much no matter how the circumstances. seeing and hugging you after more than a year will definitely be one of the greater times! :)

  7. Yeah, it bugs me that so many places don’t want to take reservations for a party of less than 6. 4-6 pm is retired people time in restaurants. They give senior discounts.
    I haven’t been in an Olive Garden in years just for that reason!

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