Somewhat an “Anniversary”

J and I met exactly 6 years ago today. Did I ever tell you the full story?

I had just started my exchange semester in CA and I was walking on Campus that night with two other German girls. We were heading towards the gym to attend a Freshman party.
All three of us – not really Freshman anymore age-wise – definitely were “Freshman” at that particular college and – lacking any other exciting evening entertainment - we decided to check out the Freshmen ;)

J had just started college [ha, a real! Freshman] and was walking on Campus, too. When he passed us and heard us speak German, he turned around and followed us to the gym. As I learned many months later, he claims that he turned around and followed us because I had been the most beautiful girl he had ever seen – oh so sweet! -  but I think it was the fact that we spoke German, since he had just started taking German classes in college.

He introduced himself in German [and that was all he could say at that point ;)] and hung out with us pretty much the whole night. It was almost a little weird *g* because so far I had made the experience that it is really easy to meet new people, but not easy to “really” meet new people, if you know what I mean.

J however didn’t seem to want to leave at all. We talked about anything and everything and it really felt like we’d known each other for a long time already. And the rest is history :)

So yeah, meeting him was totally random and so unplanned and we had absolutely NO idea at this point that this would become a wonderful love story. YES, a love story that had to overcome very many obstacles including months of separation, fighting for the legal right to be together and proving to the world that relationships across the Atlantic can indeed work out. It has been wonderful nonetheless and was absolutely worth the effort.

There is not really a day that we call “the day that we officially announced being a couple”, but we both believe that the 5th of October has been something like a turning point in both our lives and therefore it is a meaningful date for us.
Since I worked today and we’ll be traveling home tonight, we’ll probably do something special this weekend [although I don’t know what it’s going to be yet ;)].

I worked an extra day this week to collect some more vacation time, but we’ll still get the three day weekend, because Monday is “Columbus Day”. Sweet! I hope you’ll all have a good one!

  1. Ah, that is such a nice story.
    Mine is quite different, as Hubby and I knew each other as neighbors before, and when I got my divorce he even attempted to fix me up with men my own age. All the while, he suffered because he had fallen in love with me. I finally told him that he had to stop trying to fix me up and just love me, as I was already in love with him too. He did and we have been together 21 years, and our 20th wedding anniversary is in April!

  2. goosebumbs, even I knew the story already. Have a special night!

  3. like i remembered that september 9th 6 years ago, when you left, i remember you telling me about having met a nice guy and when all the drama started with an at home sitting so called boyfriend, and somebody else keeping your mind occupied. i will never forget what kind of a weird situation it was, when you came back on your bday and everyone is preparing a big party for you, and you poor thing didn’t know how to act. how everything can change, huh? how different your life was back then and how difficult it was with your parents and everyone surrounding you.
    i really hope you guys have a great weekend and enjoy some quality time.
    miss you

  4. Awwww sweet! I’m sure it wasn’t only because you gals were talking German ;-).

    PS: Mashed potatoes… yum! Might do that tomorrow…
    PPS: Good that J got some inspiration from seeing a band with functional members play and hopefully he’ll find some new outlet for his great voice soon!!

  5. Happy “somewhat an anniversary” to you and Jon! What a nice story! Enjoy your special weekend!

  6. Awww!!! That’s a cute story!

    Have a great weekend together!!

  7. aww, sweety. happy belated anniversary. i hope you will get to do something vey special this weekend. you deserve to celebrate every anniversary you want because you two really have overcome a lot of obstacles and look where you are today!

    can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!!! *smoochie*

  8. aww das ist wirklich ne süße lovestory =) tja manchmal ist das schicksal einfach gut zu einem =) hoffe ihr hattet ein tolles wochenende und habt euer anniversary gefeiert?! liebe grüße aus hamburg..kusssiii

  9. man i knew i forgot something. meant to write you right after i wrote happy anniversary to justin, as you know we share the 5th. :) but anyway, happy belated anniversary! :) you have off today? ME SO JEALOUS. send you a big hug, and enjoy!

  10. Happy belated anniversary… :)
    I had heard the story from Siw, I guess. ;)

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