J and I love to create words, especially when they represent a mix of German and English.”Mit-ness”  is one of those word… “mit” means “with, together with” in German and Jon coined the phrase “mitness” when my parents were here this summer. He sent me a text message one day saying ” mitness is very nötig [= necessary]”. I loved it :)

Now we use this phrase in our everyday language, along with some other phrases that we created over the years. It’s rather unique :) 

But what I wanted to say is, we’ll have a lot of “Mit-ness” this week :)

Our weekend was good. I came home Thursday night and was happy to be able to put my cold and wet feet under a warm blanket.
I was strangely mistaken that the summer would last a day or two longer in Southern California. Friday and Saturday morning it was pretty much pouring.
J didn’t mind, in fact, he loved it :)

We just ran our usual errands and then snuggled up on the couch, watched DVD and I baked Zucchini Bread on Friday night. My co-worker was so nice as to share the recipe with me after she had brought in a loaf last week for everyone in the office to enjoy. It was delicious, so I had to try it myself. You can find the recipe in the “Recipes” section.

Sunday we took a walk on the beach – because it was sunny again – before the Shuttle Bus picked me us up at 7 p.m.. Yes, you can believe your eyes… I said “us“, because J came up to Sacramento with me :) and you know what that means… we’ll go out for Sushi again this week!

  1. YES! One step closer to moving all the up again… ;-) You two have a great week together!! Love you

  2. haha those words are fun, aren’t they. michael and i have that,too. some words, for some reason he always says em in german.
    that weekend sounds like the perfect snuggling up weekend. and then some yummie zucchini bread. that sounds good.
    have a great start into the week, eventhough its already tuesday;-) miss ya

  3. Awww so cute! Enjoy your Mitness week and the Sushi!

  4. man, it took me forever to get that. *blushes* but hey, i’m blond.
    and now i got it: midness. too cute ;) and me likey, too!

    enjoy your week with J a lot! *smoochie*

    PS: did my book make it yet? …

  5. matt and i do that too, in fact, we do it so much, i dont think people would understand us if they listened to our private conversations. isnt it fun?

  6. Awww that’s so cute! mitness is really the only thing that makes nasty weather nicer. :)
    Enjoy your week together and that sushi! Yum!

  7. I am back from the dog show! Arnie did great! I’ll be around more now for commenting and hopefully writing too! I sure have missed the blogasphere!

  8. Mitness is so very cute!

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