Settling into “home” #2

I had a good weekend, not too eventful, so I spare you the details, but I enjoyed my time with J as much as possible. We cooked dinner together, went to the beach and just enjoyed being around each other.

Sunday night, I got on the plane again, arrived in Sacramento around 11 pm, picked up my rental car and went to my new “home”, or “home #2″ as I like to call it :) Kari had already gone to bed [of course], but she left me a really nice welcome message at the stairs.

Yesterday after work, she had invited me to go to the [Minor League] Baseball game with her and two of our neighbors. It was fun! One of her neighbors got season tickets from someone at his work, so we had really good seats and just enjoyed the game. We played Baseball Bingo. Let me explain: everybody gets a bingo card upon entry and then -depending on the plays the home team makes – you get certain letter-number-combinations. Kari and I did really well at the beginning, but sucked at the end – so we didn’t win anything. It was still fun though!
We had garlic fries and nachos for dinner [oh the calories *g*], because I am just not a big hot dog fan, although that is what you usually eat at a baseball game I was told ;)

Thanks to Sacramento weather, it was a warm night with almost clear skies. Just look at the beautiful view that we had!

Raley Field

Work was good today. I am still excited every morning to go to work – is this a good sign?? :) Still. Today I couldn’t wait until work was over, because I had planned to go to IKEA! They just recently opened an IKEA in West Sacramento and it is only a ten-minute drive from my work/apartment! Awesome!
Eventually, I’ll have to get a bed or something, but today I only got a few things to make my room [which has a borrowed air mattress and a cardboard box as a bedside table right now] a little more MY room ;)

I got a side table in dark brown, a lamp and a clock :) Now, isn’t that a start?
J and I will probably look into getting a sofa-bed or mattress next weekend.

  1. I can’t express enough times that I love reading your happy entries lately!!! They rub off their happiness somehow, too!
    Looks like you got off to a really great start in your home number 2!

  2. gosh i was thinking exactly the same thing as antje. your entries just burst of energy and happiness which is awesome. also awesome, IKEA ten minutes away. could be “dangerous” as well though… ;) *smooches*

  3. Yes, American hotdogs can’t compare to the wonderful German wursts! My favorite is the Nurnburger Bratwurst! Yum!
    Glad you are getting settled in!

  4. Gotta love IKEA! I used to have that lamp in my apartment in Berlin!

  5. Mmmm … garlic fries. Sounds yummy!

  6. Love that photo!!! You’re so lucky that you have an IKEA there! Yay! :)
    I’m still so happy for you that you got to go back to your old workplace – it just always seemed right for you. Smooch!

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