Eye Candy

I just came back from Sylvia‘s blog and she asked us to show her OUR eye candy and you probably know who does it for me


That also gives me the opportunity to tell those who are interested and haven’t heard yet [like Cathy, Ilka and Maren ;)] that he’s going to be a Dad in November. OMG!

Read the whole story here.

  1. You’re funny. He still is very cute. And I’m sure his baby is going to be adorable!

  2. Thanks for playing sweety!!
    Joey McIntire is definitely eye-candy and i’m not even into “clean-cut” guys :-)
    He’s hawt ;-)

  3. yeah, i heard of that the is becoming a dad. i am sure his baby will be supercute. and yes, he is also my eye candy:-)))

  4. sorry dass ich mich so selten hier melde aber bin zurzeit ein bisschen busy..hehe sweety du bist echt süß wie du von ihm schwärmst..was sagt eigentlich jon dazu ;-)

  5. i just dont know how his skinny bitchy wife will carry a baby. gosh her legs are as skinny as my arms. and i know i saw her in person the other day while she walking their dog and i even pet him. the dog not joey. hehe. love ya

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