Damn, it’s been a whole week since my last update. I really don’t have any apology other than that I just didn’t get much time online AT ALL – well, that in fact is probably the best excuse that anyone could give you, because that means that I was busy.

So much has happened in the last couple of days!

Last Friday, I got the call from my potential employer: I’ve got the job! Well, I actually expected that, but it was still a good feeling to get it confirmed – right before the weekend! Now the actual “planning” could begin! I had the weekend to think about a possible start date and I called my contact back on Monday to confirm my plans. I’ll be flying up to Sacramento next week and start working. W.O.W. Finally. I am so excited and overwhelmed at the same time! :)

I’ll be staying at a hotel next week until the living situation has been figured out.

J and I also looked at apartments over the weekend and found a place that we both really liked and which will be available this week! We’re actually going to move tomorrow! Yeah, I know, this is crazy [hence the title of this post ;)], but I am actually glad that we’ll be able to get the move over with before I start working. That way we don’t have to worry about doing it on one of our “precious” weekends together ;)

That’s what’s going on in a nutshell. I will write more this week. Just thought I needed to update you guys, so that you know that I am alive :)

  1. that IS crazy.
    Congratulations on the new job, hope you will have fun!

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  3. Are you telling us that you are moving today?? Ok, I admit, this is totally crazy. You both are ;-). You could have told me, I could have helped you carrying all those boxes down and up again!

    Glad to see you soon, smooches

  4. WOW!! That IS crazy!!

    Sending you ‘super lucky moving’ vibes. I swear they exist!!

    Congrats on the job. That’s awesome news.

  5. silke… thank you.

    susi… actually, another one of those really SPONTANEOUS decisions… we just decided that two days ago. Thanks anyways. I’ll see you soon.

    k… thanks. much appreciated.

  6. oh man, that’s some news. so is it gonna be L.A. or ventura now? can we stay at your place after partying in hollywood november or what? man, we really need to talk. how long until you have a phone in the new place?

    i hope the move goes smooth and you get settled in fast. also, i’m so happy about you finally starting to work – i know you missed that :) man, that probably means C and i will have to drive up to sacramento as well… phew. tough…

    big *smooch* babe, and i hope you’re doing good! i miss you!

  7. oh and btw: you have officially been pimped AND tagged. so once you’re back online… :)

  8. Wow, I didn’t know things were going to change that fast!!! What crazy and exciting two weeks you are having……. new place with J in a new city, new job, new place there…..

    Hope you are doing fine and everything goes smooth!

  9. hey sweets, just came back and red your news. wow, thats going all fast now, huh? i am so excited for you. good that you are able to do the move before you go. and i am really excited because of sacramento. congratulations again, even though you expected it.:-)

  10. Wow, that was fast. Good luck with your move!!! And with the new job!!!

  11. holy cow! you are moving fast. hehe. congrats on the job and the new apartment! cant wait to hear more about both. send you a big hug and not so much stress!! love ya

  12. Viel Spass und Erfolg bei Deiner ersten Arbeitswoche!!

    Liebe Gruesse!!

  13. i hope it all works out well. can’t wait to read an update.

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