Last Sunday, we were in Sacramento, my beloved Sacramento :) In the morning, we drove to Davis and I showed my cousin the UC Davis Campus where I spent my exchange semester.

We walked on Campus, I showed them the new sports center “The Arc” [very impressive in size and equipment!] and the geology building. We also walked through the Arboretum and then drove back to Sacramento.

I called my friend Ilka and we met with her in “Old Sacramento” for a frappuccino at Starbucks. “Old Sacramento” is the historic part of Sacramento with old Western-style houses that accomodate shops and restaurants today. There is also an old stern wheel riverboat moored in the river, which serves as a hotel, restaurant and theater.

We spent the afternoon in the Downtown Mall and also paid a visit to the State Capitol.

In the evening, my Mom and I had a separated dinner from “the men”. My Dad and Basti preferred to have dinner at the “Macaroni Grill”, while I had suggested to have dinner at “Mimi’s Café”. It was fun to have some private time with my Mom in one of my favorite restaurants in Sacramento :)

Finally, we met Ilka again for some drinks downtown at “Mikuni”, a Japanese Sushi Bar, and got back to the hotel at around 11:30 p.m.

  1. i don’t know why but i just teared up reading about your private time with your mom. *sniff* i’m so happy for you! keep enjoying every minute! *smooches*

  2. We all need girl time with our Mom’s. It’s so important no matter how old we get.

  3. i am so happy that you have such a great time and especially with you mom. i am happy for you.

  4. Awww… That sounds like fun! Gotta love some Mommy Time!

    Your cousin cracks me up. He looks so cool in all those pictures. Looks like he’s posing for some new myspace pics. Haha.

  5. thats funny just like kim i teared up as well. sniff. now i have a big kloss in my throat. hehe. i cant believe how much you guys experience in such a short time. amazing. enjoy!! love ya!!

  6. ui freu mich auch dass ihr so ne schöne zeit zusammen habt!! awesome pics!!!

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