Los Angeles

We were going to stay in Los Angeles for a couple of days, so Monday was spent on “organizational stuff”. We all had breakfast at our place and we got to talk to my sister on the phone. I wish she could have come with my parents and share this great time with us. I miss her.

We then had to wait for the Budget Roadside Assistant who eventually towed our rental car back to the Budget office near the airport. My Dad got a ride with the tow truck and picked up a new car.
Meanwhile, my Mom and I got the laundry ready and then went to the laundromat.
In the late afternoon, we took a walk around Westwood and had dinner at “Enzo’s Pizzeria” where my Mom and I ordered a 18″ pizza together… OMG!

We walked around some more afterwards and showed my parents and Basti the UCLA Campus with its impressive architecture.

Tuesday’s motto was “Hollywood”.

We drove up to the Hollywood sign, then walked on the “Walk of Fame” and visited the Kodak Theater [the home of the annual “Academy Awards” Ceremonies] and Grauman’s Chinese Theater [the famous theater with many Hollywood celebrity handprints, footprints, and autographs in the cement of the theater’s forecourt].

Next stop was the Farmer’s Market on Fairfax Avenue. It’s an all-week Farmer’s Market with many shops and a food court. Right behind the Farmer’s Market is an open-air mall with a historic tram and we walked around and did some shopping.

Time went by so quickly that we didn’t have much time to see more of Sunset Blvd. and Rodeo Drive, because we had to get back to Westwood to see J and Aaron perform a private concert for us. They had rented a special studio for that night with a “real” stage and we had a great time.

Wednesday was a holiday in the US – Independence Day! – one of the most important holidays and the most popular days for BBQs here. So, what else could we have planned for that day but to have a BBQ in a public park :)
We had breakfast at our apartment in the morning and then waited for Chris and Aaron. Meanwhile my Mom and I prepared macaroni salad and vegetable skewers for our BBQ.

J and Chris left for Will Rogers State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains around 1 p.m. to look for a nice picnic place and we followed with drinks and food a little later.

When we got to the park, J and Chris had already started the grill and shortly after that we put salmon, chicken drumsticks and vegetable skewers on the grill.

We enjoyed the great food and the great atmosphere. There were quite some people in the park and it was just great to spend a day hanging out and not having to drive :)
We got back home at 6 p.m. and since we were all still tired from the night before, we went to bed early that night.

  1. That sounds like you’re having a great time!!

    That chouchpicture is just too funny :-)


  2. i like basti. he’ s cute =)

  3. You guys are doing so much! It’s great!

    The first time I read “Mom and I prepared macaroni salad and vegetable skewers”, I actually mixed up the words a bit and I was wondering how the macaroni would do on the skewers!!! Good thing I read that one again!

    Perhaps I need to slow down a bit… or wake up!

  4. i’m dying of jealousy here so i’m not even gonna comment.
    this must be THE trip of a lifetime. i can’t believe how much you guys are doing. it’s so great and you look so happy on each photo. sending you a bog *smooch* and tlell your family i say “hi” :)

  5. OMG! That pizza looks so good.
    This is so much fun, San. Sharing the time with you and your family.

  6. yea i am jealous too. sniff. what a great time you are having! so nice!!!!! i am sure they dont want to leave huh? awesome!!! it reminded me on the great time we had…sniff. do you think you guys could make it to vegas in dezember? love ya

  7. I’m totally living through your stories right now ;-). What an awesome vacation for you and your family! You make them wanna win a greencard now I’m sure ;-).

  8. hey it’s great to see how much fun you guys have and how much get to see. what a shame nina couldn’t come and share that with you guys. wow, chris has changed, huh? and i see from all the walking in the sun my girl gets finally a tan, too huh?:-) say hi to your family and enjoy.

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