SPF: Handful of something

Our lovely Kristine has asked us to show each other a handful of something for the weekly SPF. I thought that was an interesting assignment and I am curious to see with what you guys came up.

Here’s mine:

SPF: Handful of something

May I recommend to you a handful of good, independent music?
Before you regain your ability to speak after reading the name of the singer of this album, let me say that he has become a really incredible independent artist and singer after his boy band career. Please don’t judge him by that, but give his solo albums a chance. You can listen here and yes, it’s no coincidence that the music of this album sounds like from a different time… it’s a tribute to Frank Sinatra. Enjoy!

Did you play?

  1. I might have to go listen…..

    I played….

    happy friday

  2. Hmmm…interesting!

  3. I like this one!

    Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks for stopping by. I listened to your link and I like it. He has a cool blog.

  5. Hmmm, I’ll have to look into that!
    I played too :-)

  6. I didn’t know he did a Sinatra tribute! I’m impressed. :-)

    Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by mine too.

  7. Oh great, now I have a NKOTB song going through my head! I will check him out though.

    I played too!

  8. music is great,and I LOVE this! thanks for sharing!

  9. Don´t know him, but promise to listen to him and give him a chance.

    Happy SPF. I played.

    And i wish you a nice weekend. Lg Tina

  10. Oh, i know NKOTB. But what should i say… i heard the songs but was not really a fan. Was a big Fan of what? Yeah, yeah, yeah… Take That. :-)

    Bye the way. Do you wanna get some nice cards or maybe a letter? Haha, from good old Germany?

  11. I totally admit – at first I was like WTF.

    I will give it a listen though. Anyone who does a Frank tribute can’t be all bad. :)

    Happy Friday.

  12. You’re not serious, are you? You hated Take That. ;-) Ok, ok.. you hated Take That and i do not know Joey McIntyre. But hey, i know NKOTB and i don not hated them. Isn´t it a plus for me. *smile*

    The Postcards, please send me your Adress. Ok?

    Now i made a cappucchino and have breakfast. See you later.. aligator. *hahaha*

  13. dont like him. but people say i have the weirdest taste in music so that doesnt mean anything i guess. sunny greetings from your neighbor state :)

  14. Don’t like it either. Sorry hun. But that sounds way too soft to me.

  15. Sounds good :)

    I played too :)

  16. I like it! And by the way… he was always my favorite anyway. : )

  17. The BEST CD I have ehard in a very long time… but I might be bias – Joe bought San into my life what seems like a lifetime ago or it might have been 15ish years ago but who’s counting!

    Thanks Joe!

    Love ya sis and miss ya like crazy

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