Happy 2nd Birthday, SPF!

It’s the 2nd anniversary of Kristine’s Stuff Portrait Friday and she asked us to ” go back to our roots and remember where we came from: Go open your fridge, stand in front of it and flash me a two finger salute.”

So here we go:

Happy 2nd birthday, SPF!

Tomorrow is my shopping day, so there is not much in the fridge… some water, leftovers and most importantly, Coffeemate :) Can’t run out of that!

It’s great that we’re getting to see photos of all the SPF-participating folks this week!

Did you play?

  1. I played but didn’t follow directions. It’s up though.

  2. cool picture!!I looooooooooove coffeemate!It´s a shame that you can´t get it here in Germany!=(

  3. OMG that HUGE coffeemate *drools* you look cute as always but the fridge looks kinda sad – pretty much like ours today… i’ve seriously got to get some stuff before hemlock and J are coming tonight ;)


  4. Ha the coffee mate is the biggest container in your fridge. I always buy the caramel powder one. I played too.

  5. I am so with you on the Coffeemate. Have you tried the new Pralines and Cream one??

    thanks for stopping by!

    happy friday..

  6. Very cool SPF but your fridge is too clean!

    Have a great weekend, I played too.

  7. No; one musn’t run out of Coffeemate!

    I played!

  8. hehe. looks like our fridge nothing in there. go get some shopping done girl! :-)

  9. ahhhh, man I wish my fridge was that clean! I played :-)

  10. Coffeemate…yeah!! I am actually in a simple half & half mode right now, unless I get regular coffee at Starbucks and then I add non-fat milk and vanilla powder:-) Ask me about my coffee addiction one of these days!

    Thanks for stopping by and have a laid back weekend!

  11. I actually ran out of Coffeemate this week. It was a very sad event! Milk just doesn’t cut it in my coffee.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by mine.

  12. oh where did your blog roll go?
    I loved reading your friends blogs!=(

  13. Mäuslein, du schreibst ja gar nichts mehr… :-(

  14. Ahh – that’s what you were doing the last days… :-) Like it!

  15. Hallo Sandra, bin ueber Sannas Irlandblog zu Dir gesurft. Wo in Cali wohnst Du? Werd auch nach Cali ziehen, doch vorerst mal nach Irland. Gruss derzeit aus WIEN, Symone

  16. you look but tired honey. i hope the whole situation doesn’t stress you out that much. love ya

  17. Didn´t play. I like your pic and i see you´ve enough water for the hot weather. ;-) Wish you a amazing weekend. *hugs*

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