I hate rain

I started to really clean out my room  and I also decided to clean my windows [which hadn’t been cleaned in years]. So I decided to use beautiful Monday to do that :) It was so nice and sunny outside. I completely disassembled my desk, moved the TV set and everything else in front of my windows, even washed the blinds and the windowsills. I had dreaded to do all that for a while, but when you’re finally finished with the cleaning, it makes you feel really good. I had the blinds pulled back for the last few days to really enjoy the clean windows and the nice weather outside,and then yesterday it rained and the windows look dirty again :(
Ok, it was still worth moving everything and cleaning behind the desk and shelves, but I just hate when the rain makes the windows dirty again, [it’s the same when you wash your car and it rains a day later].

I also went to play tennis with my Dad on Monday, the first time to play outdoors this year :) It was fun. It was so warm that I could just wear shorts and a t-shirt. Unfortunately, the sunny weather usually  affects my head which means that I ended up with a damn headache in the evening that didn’t want to go away. I think I went to bed at 10 p.m. that night.

Tuesday I had two tutoring lessons in the afternoon and then went to the movies with my Mom. She wanted to see “Walk the line” and since I really thought it was a good movie, I joined her again. Actually, she invited me to accompany her. She usually likes to go to this nice little movie theater called “Hitch” in Neuss. It’s not one of the “normal” movie theaters, but part of the Schauspielhaus. It’s one room with only about 15 rows of seats and with a really cool nostalgic atmosphere. They have an old cash register at the entrance and there are little armchairs and tables and high, heavy velvet curtains in the foyer.
I loved the movie again – and so did my Mom. I really think Reese Witherspoon is a great actress [and Joaquin Phoenix did a great job, too, of course. I still can’t believe he’s River’s younger brother.]

I called Switzerland today. I don’t know if I had mentioned it, but J was baptized in Geneva and of course we needed to get his baptismal record. I called the church two weeks ago and was told that they would send out a copy of his baptismal certificate before Easter. I hadn’t received anything until today, so I called them again and the secretary said that she was out of the office and that she had to catch up on things, oh yeah? Maybe she can “catch up” a little quicker – how about that? I mean, am I asking too much to send out a  piece of paper? Sorry, I am slightly annoyed right now about the attitude of some people, including the attitude of the postal workers. I sent out the package with the invitations to J’s parents 4 (!) weeks ago and it still hasn’t arrived in CA. I am so f***ing angry.

I had two tutoring lessons again. I have one new student for Thursday afternoons now. He’s the son of my cosmetician and he’s in 5th grade. Really cute too :) It’s going to be fun to work with him! I really like working on a one-on-one basis. That’s a very rewarding situation for a teacher, in most cases that is! I think the girl who’s attending the Hauptschule is not going to make much progress. She just can’t keep things in her memory. When I practice with her, she’ doing fine, but next week she’ll have forgotten everything that we talked about today. Pretty hopeless case.