Happy Birthday, Mom!


Today is my Mom’s 57th birthday!

Yes, my Mom and my Dad are only 2 weeks apart :) It’s nice, because usually they can celebrate their birthdays together. Since they are both teachers, they both have time off for the next two weeks, because it’s fall break right now. I took them to the airport yesterday morning and they’ll spend the next few days in Barcelona, Spain. It’s great that they can get away for a little bit.
Happy Birthday, Mom. Have a great time and enjoy the beautiful city of Barcelona. We’ll celebrate when you get back ;)

Love you.

  1. Happy Birthday Sannie’s Mom ;-)

    San, I can see where you got your smile from!

  2. Happy Birthday to you Mom! It’s great that ýour parents can treat themselves with a nice getaway to Barcelona before fall sets in here!

  3. happy birthday frau sch. and thanks so much again for the schwarzbrot-ingredients. i made one yesterday and it turned out almost as good as yours :) hope you’re having a blast in spain!

  4. Happy birthday Mrs S! So nice that they get to spend her b-day in Barcelona!
    Now that I know that your Mom is a teacher, too, you really do stand out even more! ;-) j/k

  5. Happy Birthday Sannies Mommy! whishing you && your family all the best! how awesome and i absolutly love barcelona! =)

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  7. Happy! Birthday to your momma. : ) Cake for everyone!

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