SPF: Holy

Kristine couldn’t have picked a better theme for this Friday’s SPF since it’s the Easter weekend. She asked us to post something “Holy”.

SPF: Holy... my coffeemaker

Well, this might seem a little far fetched, but I’ve come to LOVE and appreciate my Cuisinart Coffeemaker. I didn’t start drinking coffee before I was 25, but I always loved the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. These days, I wouldn’t say that I can’t start my day without coffee, but I do love me a big cup of half coffee/half coffeemate and milk in the morning :) And as it turns out, freshly ground coffee beans are even THAT much better… seriously, if you still buy coffee powder, get yourself a coffee grinder and grind your beans in the morning and then report back here ;)
It’s a “holy” difference!

Did you play??

  1. OH man. I love the burr grinder that I lovvvvveeeee.


  2. well, you KNOW i love me my grinder, too. and your coffee is also my coffee. only that i can’t buy coffeemate here in germany *sniff* but i started putting a little cinnamon/sugar mix right into the filter with the coffee before i pour the hot water in [remember, i used to use vanilla-sugar] and it makes it taste a bit more flavoury… happy easter, sweety. :)

  3. Thats exactly how i drink my coffee!! People tell me Im nuts! Glad to see someone else enjoys the beauty of sweet and light java!

    Great SPF! I really need to start playing again.

  4. I am so with you on the coffee. Totally.

  5. I still don’t drink coffeee and I’m 34…just don’t like it. I get my caffeine from my diet coke.

    I played.

  6. It is a holy difference!! You are so right :-D

  7. I was in love with the exact same coffee maker. I had not one but four of them. They just kept breaking about once a year. I don’t know what I was doing wrong. So I eventually had to give up my Cuisinart Grind and Brew for something else. But I still miss it. Happy SPF and I played too!

  8. i am addicted to coffee and i have my own coffe grinder too. i have a wide selection of starbucks coffe beans in my kitchen. youre right, it is a big difference!

  9. I grind my own beans, too. I think the next step is buying raw beans and getting your own roaster.

    I played!

  10. I’m missing out by buying my coffee already ground, I’m sure. I don’t know where I’d put a grinder in my kitchen, though. I’m hooked on gourmet coffees and you reminded me that I had brewed a cupful and forgotten to drink it! LOL!

    I played.

  11. You´re so right. It´s a difference. I know it, because i´ve my own coffee grinder.

    I played, too.

  12. Hey, then do it and make a pic. It was really funny to color the eggs today. You can make sooo much different things.

  13. I have one just like that, but stainless. I love it. I love coffee. Good spf. I played.

  14. Ah yes! Coffee is holy!! I have an entire cupboard filled top-to-bottom with a dozen or more coffee beans, though I am spoiled with my french press…there is nothing like fresh ground coffee made in a press…mmmmmm…I am heading over to the kitchen right now!

    btw…I played as well, so feel free to stop by!

  15. Totally fitting! A morning without coffee is a holy shit morning!!
    I played too :-)

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